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It all started back in 1934, when two brothers traveled to New York and San Francisco to sell their incredibly sweet and juicy Royal Riviera® Pears to business executives. These two brothers were our founders, Harry and David Holmes, and the Royal Riviera® Pears were an instant hit. It's been almost 80 years since then and our range of high quality gifts has expanded to include the best fresh fruit gifts around, a variety of gourmet chocolate gifts, cookie gifts, cheesecakes and much more.

Today, our specialty chocolates and sweets are delicious treats to enjoy at any occasion. From gourmet truffles and hand-dipped chocolate fruit to cookies, pies and cakes. It's all made with the finest ingredients to ensure you're choosing true quality with a gourmet food gift from Harry & David.

Our online cake delivery includes cakes, pies and traditional bakery treats that look awesome and taste delicious. Once you try our cake delivery, you'll understand why our bakery treats have become an annual tradition for generations of families. If you just can't decide among all the amazing bakery choices we offer, then try our Cheesecake Party Wheel. You'll get three slices of four different cheesecake flavors in one hefty three pound pie. That's a party, all right.

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