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It all started back in 1934, when two brothers traveled to New York and San Francisco to sell their incredibly sweet and juicy Royal Riviera® Pears to business executives. These two brothers were our founders, Harry and David Holmes, and the Royal Riviera® Pears were an instant hit. It's been almost 80 years since then and our range of high quality gifts has expanded to include the best fresh fruit gifts around, a variety of gourmet chocolate gifts, cookie gifts, cheesecakes and much more.

Today, our specialty chocolates and sweets are delicious treats to enjoy at any occasion. From gourmet truffles and hand-dipped chocolate fruit to cookies, pies and cakes. It's all made with the finest ingredients to ensure you're choosing true quality with a gourmet food gift from Harry & David.

Add greater impact to your expression of appreciation by sending unique thank you gifts of gourmet food in addition to a thank you card or call. Send thank you gifts to clients for their business, if someone helped you personally or whenever you need to express your thanks with more than words. We offer a huge selection of gift ideas all perfectly packed, expertly wrapped and ready for delivery. You're certain to find the perfect food gifts that match your budget and suit the tastes of those on your thank you gifts list. Our new Pick Your Occasion Gift Tower consists of five separate beautiful gift boxes stacked and tied together with a ribbon. This gift costs less than $50 and serves three to four with Royal Riviera® Pears, Moose Munch® Popcorn, chocolate truffles, chocolate cherries and mixed nuts. ?Our Mt. Baker Gift Tower Deluxe is the best gift for someone who loves bakery treats. This delicious gourmet bakery collection contains so many treats it fills a tower that’s three boxes high! Each box opens like a new gift of sweet surprises. It provides 12 to 16 servings for under $80. Flowers and wine are classic thank you presents. Our new Ranunculus Bouquet features 30 stems of a variety of colorful ranunculus flowers. Each flower has rows and rows of paper-thin petals, giving them a roselike appearance. Delivery of a beautiful bunch of flowers is a fabulous thank you gift. For the wine connoisseurs on your list, the new Harry & David™ Red Wine Trio is an ideal thank you gift. Grapes grown near our pear and peach orchards are processed locally and aged in French oak barrels. Our limited edition Southern Oregon wines are unique thank you gifts guaranteed to delight.

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