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A fresh fruit delivery is among the most thoughtful kind of gifts you can send. Citrus fruits, with their lively color and bright taste, are always welcome. Handpicked and handpacked citrus fruits like our grapefruit and oranges arrive juicy, fresh and ready to savor. In fact, we offer a full range of gifts, including a wide variety of citrus gifts. In addition to fresh fruit, we offer citrus-based cakes and cookies. There are even marmalades and preserves. So there’s something to please everyone.

For an extra special treat, send Cushman’s® HoneyBells. Each of these bell-shaped fruits is handpicked and shipped fresh off the tree. Be sure to include some of these sweet gourmet treats in your citrus fruit delivery to someone special.

Cushman’s began in 1945 when Ed Cushman opened a small fruit store in West Palm Beach. He packed up and sent fruit home with vacationers as a fresh fruit delivery and summer souvenir. Eventually the fruit store became a mail order business, which has now become part of Harry & David. Now it’s easy to order fruit online and delight loved ones, business associates and friends near and far with a fresh fruit delivery or gourmet citrus surprise.

Our surprisingly sweet and incredibly juicy HoneyBells have a loyal following—and for good reason, too. The rare crossing between a tangerine and a grapefruit makes this delightful fruit unlike any other citrus available. And although both fruits it comes from are seeded, a HoneyBell is remarkably seedless. Famous for being naturally sweeter than any orange around, Cushman’s® HoneyBells have a rare bell shape, revealing to everyone that they really are their own unique and delicious variety of citrus.

Because they only grow in limited quantities and have a shorter growing season, HoneyBell fans have their orders in ahead of time. When the harvest of Florida HoneyBells finally rolls around in January, each piece of fruit is carefully picked by hand at the peak of its growing season. Every fresh fruit delivery is expertly packaged to arrive in perfect condition. Join in on the HoneyBell craze and order your juicy Florida fruit. Remember to send fruit to friends and family to share some sweet and sunny citrus. Since the harvest comes right after the holidays, we send out gift announcements for all of the holiday mail order fruit gifts. Cards are sent in December, announcing the approaching arrival of the recipient’s delicious citrus gift. And in January, after all the other gifts are long forgotten, their super sweet and extra juicy HoneyBells will arrive for the perfect dose of sunshine.

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