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A fresh fruit delivery is among the most thoughtful kind of gifts you can send. Citrus fruits, with their lively color and bright taste, are always welcome. Handpicked and handpacked citrus fruits like our grapefruit and oranges arrive juicy, fresh and ready to savor. In fact, we offer a full range of gifts, including a wide variety of citrus gifts. In addition to fresh fruit, we offer citrus-based cakes and cookies. There are even marmalades and preserves. So there’s something to please everyone.

For an extra special treat, send Cushman’s® HoneyBells. Each of these bell-shaped fruits is handpicked and shipped fresh off the tree. Be sure to include some of these sweet gourmet treats in your citrus fruit delivery to someone special.

Cushman’s began in 1945 when Ed Cushman opened a small fruit store in West Palm Beach. He packed up and sent fruit home with vacationers as a fresh fruit delivery and summer souvenir. Eventually the fruit store became a mail order business, which has now become part of Harry & David. Now it’s easy to order fruit online and delight loved ones, business associates and friends near and far with a fresh fruit delivery or gourmet citrus surprise.

Being able to order fruit online is an exciting opportunity for fruit lovers to enjoy fresh fruit at home. Harry & David offers a variety of premium fruits, from juicy navel oranges and Ruby Red grapefruit to exotic gold kiwis. Fresh fruit delivery makes it possible to experience different kinds of fruit from all over the world and from growers with years of expertise.

Gourmet fruit is a stunning and wholesome gift to share with someone you care about. It feels especially good to give a healthy gift, like navel oranges. The benefits of navel oranges are extensive, and they are a great source of vitamin C, and fiber. A surprise navel orange delivery would surely delight anyone who is trying to eat well and enjoy great flavors.

If you haven’t yet explored mail order fruit, now is the time to do so. You have your pick of a carefully selected assortment of the very best fruits so you can simply order online and have wonderful citrus fruit, like oranges, delivered. Send a box of citrus fruit to a friend to let them know you’re thinking of them. Sending fruit is a fabulous way to celebrate a special occasion. You can rest assured that your gift will be well received. Get a box of premium fruit for yourself, just to make sure.

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