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Harry & David has been spreading smiles for nearly 80 years with our famous sweet Royal Riviera® Pear fruit gifts. Our orchard-fresh fruit gifts also include juicy Oregold® Peaches, apples, oranges and ruby red Cherry-Oh!® Cherries. Some of these fruits end up in our candy kitchen for a dip in gourmet chocolate and caramel and a bit of hand decorating. These indulgent fruit gifts are ideal for a special treat. Our Fruit Clubs are a great way to get a taste of all our different premium fruit gifts. The Fruit-of-the-Month Club® Collections provide fresh fruit delivery to you each month. Picture a handpicked fresh fruit gift box delivered in perfect condition directly to your door.

Sign up a friend for fresh fruit delivery and you'll brighten their day with every bite.

Shopping gifts ideas for men can be a blast. If your guy likes to grill, he'll be impressed by our gourmet selection of BBQ and steak sauces. He'll also enjoy the tangy kick our salsas add to any meal. Our Texas-style salsa on scrambled eggs will make him feel like a celebrity chef.

Of course the quintessential gifts for men's are gourmet snacks. For him snacking is a sport. So we package our savory snacks in mini kegs, drums and big tins. He'll love it.

Our gift baskets for men include tasty treats for your husband's sweet tooth. Harry, one of our founders, was fond of malted milkshakes. So we created a maltball candy version of this old time favorite. Moose Munch Popcorn, available in several flavors, is a very popular sweet treat, too.

You'll also find sausage, cheese and cracker gift boxes, a wild Alaskan smoked salmon sampler and classic gifts featuring our premium pears. These are all good gifts for men.

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