Harry & David® food and wine gifts for Christmas provide the perfect combinations for holiday celebrations—indoor or outdoor, intimate or fancy. Our Christmas gifts, such as wine baskets , towers, and boxes are packed with gourmet goodies that pair perfectly with our wine varietals. Ideal for yourself or others, these food and fine wine gifts for Christmas are always appreciated. Go ahead, explore our website to discover ways to buy wine gifts for Christmas online. Remember, too, that it’s easy to buy wine Christmas gifts online at Harry & David to stock up for a season of entertaining.

When you start with gourmet treats, such as premium pears served alongside crackers and artisan cheese, the whole experience becomes that much richer when accompanied by fine Christmas wine gifts. When you are sending a gourmet food gift to a friend who lives far away, including a bottle or two as Christmas wine gifts in the gourmet delivery is a lovely, thoughtful touch. Adding a beautiful Christmas wine gift to any gourmet delivery is a wonderful way to show you care about every detail of your recipient’s experience. From unwrapping the exclusive packaging to opening each gourmet gift and finally to sharing a premium, luscious bottle of your Christmas wine gift, your recipient will enjoy every moment.

Whether you choose sparkling, white, or rich red wines for Christmas gifts, we offer varieties that suit any occasion beautifully. Include a bottle of Harry & David™ wine in your order today.


Our impressive assortment of sparkling, white, and red wines is perfect for any celebration.
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