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Gourmet snacks are the quintessential gifts for men. For him, snacking is a sport and an art form. So we package our savory snacks in mini kegs, drums and big tins. He’ll love it. When you select something from our wide-ranging collection of gift baskets for him, you can be sure that you’re sharing the very best snacks available. Shopping gift ideas for men can be a blast. If your guy likes to grill, he’ll be impressed by our gourmet selection of essentials, including delicious barbecue and steak sauces. Our food baskets for men include sturdy wooden crates full of tangy, delicious salsas; hot wings sauce; honey hot mustard; and much more. Our men’s gift baskets include tasty treats for any husband’s sweet tooth. Harry, one of our founders, was fond of malted milkshakes, so we created a maltball candy version of this old time favorite. And no collection of snacks would be complete without our classic Moose Munch® Gourmet Popcorn, available in several flavors. It took us more than 160 attempts to get the recipe just right. You’ll also find unique food gifts featuring assortments of sausage, cheese and crackers, a sampler of premium wild Alaskan smoked salmon, and classic gifts featuring our premium Royal Riviera® Pears. These are all good gifts for men.

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