Sometimes things are better in twos. And sometimes fruit tastes better when it has company. The Medley Fruit-of-the-Month Club® Collection gives you a varied fruit delivery every month. With this Fruit Club, you’ll receive a pair of complementary gourmet fruits in each shipment. One month, you’ll receive a plum medley, while a Royal Riviera® Pear and Oregold® Peach combo will ship another month. It’s hard to go wrong with a fresh fruit delivery as varied and delicious as this.
  • Each fruit pairing is hand selected by our fruit experts.
  • Some shipments include apricots with pineapple, papayas with mango, navel oranges with grapefruit and pears with apples.
  • The Medley Fruit Clubs are a great way to try new varieties of your favorite fruits, such as new types of citrus, apples or cherries.
A box of handpicked fresh fruit delivered in perfect condition each month makes the perfect gift for anyone. Follow the three simple steps below to choose your customizable fruit collection.