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12-Month Fruit and Cheese Club (Begins August)
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12-Month Fruit and Cheese Club (Begins August)

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Pairing the perfect gourmet cheese with just the right fruit isn't as easy as you might think. First we sampled only the very best varieties from local, artisan cheese makers. That was super hard. Then we tried each variety with our handpicked fresh fruit, mixing and matching, over and over and over again. Whether it's a harmonious blend with creamier cheeses, or the ideal contrast to salty cheeses, we really wanted to get each pairing just right. We think this gourmet 3-Month Fruit and Cheese Club delivers the very best of this entertaining staple. But just to be sure, we're happy to continue to taste test every day. Really, really happy.
  • AUG: Oregold® Peaches (Approx. 5 Peaches, 2 lb), Fresh Goat Cheese (4 oz) and Wildberry Honey (11.5 oz)
  • SEP: Nectarines (Approx. 5 Nectarines, 2 lb 1 oz) and Beehive Promontory Cheese (6 oz)
  • OCT: Royal Riviera® Pears (Approx. 5-7 Pears, 2 lb 13 oz) and Manchego Cheese (6 oz)
  • NOV: Apples (Approx. 6 Apples, 2 lb 8 oz) and Smoked Gouda Cheese (6 oz)
  • DEC: Royal Riviera® Pears (Approx. 5 Pears, 2 lb 13 oz) and Rogue Creamery® Oregonzola® Cheese (3.5 oz)
  • JAN: Bosc Pears (Approx. 6 Pears, 2 lb 14 oz) and New Moon Cheese (11 oz)
  • FEB: Cushman's® HoneyBells (Approx. 6 HoneyBells, 3 lb 4 oz) and Aged White Cheddar Cheese (8 oz)
  • MAR: Grapefruit (Approx. 3 Grapefruit, 3 lb 7 oz) and Rogue Creamery® TouVelle® Cheese (4 oz)
  • APR: Pineapple (1 Pineapple, 3 lb) and SeaHive Cheese (6 oz)
  • MAY: Strawberries (12 Strawberries, 1 lb 4 oz), Devonshire Cream (6 oz) and Chocolate Dipping Sauce (11 oz)
  • JUN: Mangoes (Approx. 3 Mangoes, 1 lb 11 oz) and San Joaquin Gold Cheese (8 oz)
  • JUL: Cherry-Oh!® Cherries (Approx. 35-55 Cherries, 1 lb) and Triple Crème Brie Cheese (8 oz)
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Notice: Due to varying harvest conditions a specific arrival date is not available for this item.
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