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For a truly tasty fruit and cheese pairing, give this monthly gift club a try. We’ve teamed our Southern Oregon grown Royal Riviera® Pears with awesome cheeses from small gourmet creameries for a combo that’s a little sweet and a little savory but entirely delicious.
  • This Club is the perfect gift for friends who like gourmet, artisanal food.
  • The shipments include two cheeses each month. In December, you’ll receive Piave and pecorino cheeses, and Rogue Creamery® Oregonzola® and Smokey Blue® cheeses in January. Finally, in February your Royal Riviera® Pears will arrive with St. Mary’s Gouda and Seastack cheeses.
  • The combination of sweet, creamy pears and tangy, salty cheese is always a hit at parties and get-togethers.
A box of handpicked fresh fruit delivered in perfect condition each month makes the perfect gift for anyone. Follow the three simple steps below to choose your customizable fruit collection.