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The Signature Classic Fruit Clubs consist of our original fruit lineup. Our Fruit-of-the-Month Club® Collections are a great way to have fresh fruit delivered to your door month after month. Signature and classic for a reason, this Fruit Club Collection includes delicious fruit like juicy nectarines, strawberries and premium apples. There’s a variety of fruit, so there’s something for everyone.
  • We send you a different fruit each month. For example, you’ll receive grapefruit in March and pineapple in April.
  • The Signature Classic Club Collections also feature our signature Southern Oregon grown fruit, including our Royal Riviera® Pears and Oregold® Peaches.
  • The 12-Month Club has an average of four pounds of fruit in each shipment.
A box of handpicked fresh fruit delivered in perfect condition each month makes the perfect gift for anyone. Follow the three simple steps below to choose your customizable fruit collection.