Send sweets to show you care.
Folks who work at Harry & David are very conscious of the food groups. Fresh fruit from our orchards is one group, of course. However, sometimes we have a sweet tooth and want something more decadent like chocolate covered fruit. There's just something about fresh fruit dipped in the finest chocolate that makes the occasion extra special. And that's why we count chocolate covered berries, chocolate caramel apples, chocolate dipped pears, all chocolate dipped fruit, really, as one of the food groups.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries – A whole lot of yum

One big reason we love working at Harry & David is the aroma of chocolate that fills the air here. Each week we use about 100,000 pounds of chocolate in our candy kitchen. We use it in yummy treats like our chocolate truffles and chocolate dipped fruits and berries. More specifically raspberries, grapes, mandarin slices, and giant strawberries hand dipped in our secret premium blend of chocolate, hand-crafted from the finest ingredients available. There's the one dozen premium strawberries hand dipped in white chocolate and then dipped again in milk chocolate and finished with a drizzle of dark chocolate. Our strawberries are fresh and vine-ripened so they are naturally sweet and juicy. And then there are the gourmet apples and crunchy Bosc pears hand dipped in caramel and hand dipped again in gourmet chocolate. When you work at Harry & David, you learn that double dipping is just fine. Especially when it's fresh fruit double dipped in chocolate.

Chocolate gifts are always in style

Our founders, Harry and David were brought up believing that you should give others what you want to receive. That kind of thinking makes sense to everyone here at Harry & David today. We love to receive gourmet food gifts. So we like to give chocolate gifts. They are perfect gift for holidays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, birthdays or just because. The best time to give a chocolate gift or a gift basket filled with fresh fruit and sweet treats is anytime. Give gourmet chocolate gifts artfully arranged, beautifully wrapped and topped with a hand tied bow. Giving is always in style.

Can't decide which Chocolate Covered Fruit to give?

Like any group of coworkers, folks at Harry & David vary wildly. There are a few people, and they know who they are, who cannot make up their minds. Chocolate caramel covered apples, chocolate dipped pears, chocolate dipped strawberries.. Oh, dear. We feel bad for them. So we let them pick and choose. We call it Create-Your-Own. We've got gourmet gifts for everybody. Decadent gifts. Chocolate gifts. Fresh fruit gifts. Fresh fruit dipped in chocolate gifts. All done up with a hand tied bow. Having Harry & David chocolate covered fruit gifts delivered is one way to please everyone. Some of us want to eat our chocolate dipped berries now, and have them delivered yesterday. That's why we have easy online ordering and such a nice array of shipping choices. Including really quick. Cause when you want chocolate dipped fruit, you want it now.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We back all of our gifts with the strongest guarantee in the business. You and those who receive your gifts must be delighted, or we'll make it right with either an appropriate replacement or a refund – whichever you prefer.

Everything's guaranteed. No cutting corners. No fudging on quality. No excuses. That's why a gift of chocolate covered berries from Harry and David isn't merely the best you can buy – it's the best value too.