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Harry's Gift Box
One of the core values our founders, Harry and David, passed along is a deep love of snacking. Especially when savory snacks like sausage and cheese combine with sweet ones like fresh baked cookies and handcrafted chocolates. We're lucky to live in Southern Oregon where we can pick and choose from the best artisan meat and cheese sources like the Rogue Creamery just down the road. And Southern Oregon is a great place for outdoor adventures, too. Lots of us here at Harry & David like to hike and fish, especially when we take along baskets filled with spicy salami, nuts, summer sausage and cheese. Roughing it is so much sweeter this way.

A wide variety of meat and cheese gift baskets

There's so much to choose from, and we like to share. That's why we created gifts like the Sausage, Cheese and Crackers Gift Box Delight. Filled with gourmet cheeses, summer sausage hickory smoked to almost unspeakable perfection and crunchy olive oil crackers. Or there's Harry's Gift Box named after one of Harry & David's founders. He often liked to eat his homegrown pears with meat and cheese snacks spread out on his desk, picnic style. In his case, we felt he'd add gourmet milk chocolate Moose Munch® Popcorn and premium pears to the meat and cheese. He never could decide between sweet and savory snacks. Luckily with these gifts he wouldn’t have to. And neither do you.

Sausage and cheese gifts, perfect for any occasion.

There are some contrary souls among us at Harry & David who like to challenge broad statements like “perfect for any occasion.” But try as they might, they could not come up with a single celebration whether it’s graduation, congratulations, a holiday get-together or anything at all for which a sausage and cheese gift basket would be wrong. As Harry often told David, “Just say it with meat and cheese, my friend.”

Order Now, Ship Later

If you’re anything like all of us, you may have had to stoop to sending a belated birthday gift. And perhaps you may have procrastinated just a little too long once or twice when it came to shopping for a gift for a special occasion. That’s why we offer rush delivery. Even better, you can place an order now with a future delivery date. Either way, it’s relaxing to know you’re covered. We like to order gourmet sausage and cheese gift baskets beforehand so we don't forget and because we know they’ll arrive on time. Then we can kick back and snack. Maybe watch the game with handcrafted salami and artisan cheese on a crunchy cracker, or dig into the Moose Munch® Popcorn. We like to live by the equation, “A gourmet meat and cheese gift basket for me, a gourmet meat and cheese gift basket for you.” It’s only fair.