Now you can create exclusive wine baskets by adding Harry & David wine to many of our most popular gifts, including:
•    Northwest Cheese Collection
•    Hearty meat entrees
•    Royal Riviera Pears
•    Snackbox of nuts, crackers and more

Wine and cheese gift baskets are always in good taste. Since we're located right down the road from the award winning Rogue Creamery, it's just neighborly of us to pair their awesome aged cheeses with our delicious new wines. If your tastes tend towards the crunchy-type snacks, then you can create wine gift baskets featuring nuts, crackers and Moose Munch Popcorn. We've got a lot of variety for you to pick and choose from. Wine gifts that appeal to the sweeter side of the gourmet spectrum can include our decadent chocolate truffles, honey drenched baklava, chocolate cherries and raspberry galette cookies. Oh, that sounds so yummy.

For the really big country wine baskets experience, a cornucopia of delights can be found in all three of our Hearthside collections of treats. There's something in there for everyone on your list to enjoy. You get to select which wine to include to best suit the tastes of your recipient, or yourself. To take the guesswork out of the wine selection process, we've pre-paired wines to a number or our popular gifts for you. You can browse pre-paired wine gifts here.

You can also keep your wine baskets sweet and simple by just adding a bottle of wine to one of our Royal Riviera Pear gifts. For those with a much heartier appetite, add a bottle of our delicious wine to our prime rib, roasted turkey, wild Alaskan salmon sampler or the Table Rock turkey and ham to make satisfying wine gifts.

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