July features three premium cherry varietals, all to be handpicked at their peak and shipped in perfect condition. Developed by the University of California, the Brooks cherry is large, red and firm with low acidity. This variety tolerates very hot weather and ripens before Bing cherries. First cultivated in Oregon by Seth Lewelling in the 19th century, Bing cherries got their name from Lewelling’s foreman, who is only identified as Bing. It is said that Bing proved helpful in cultivating Bing cherries and some sources credit him as the true inventor. Skeena™ cherries mature about 16 days after Bing cherries. Large, very firm and sweet, this variety is dark red to near black and has a very dense texture. A great late-season variety so we can continue shipping cherries until the end of July.


At Harry & David, we deliver expertly crafted delight.

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