During the busy holiday season, it’s sometimes easy to forget the spirit of the season amidst the stresses of finishing up work, planning events and get-togethers, and shopping for loved ones: weaving between scores of other shoppers and standing in line, hoping to get home as soon as possible. Sometimes we end the day with nerves frazzled, patience worn thin, and energy drained.

That’s why we think it’s important, this time of year, to remind ourselves of what we’re thankful for—to look back over the weeks, months, and years and find the things that have kept us going, from triumphs and celebrations to special moments with friends and family and everything else that has rekindled the fires in our hearts. It is these things, we think, that make the season so wonderful, greatly overshadowing any frazzled nerves or lost patience with beautiful memories, personal stories, and feelings of warmth and gratitude.

So we asked the Harry & David staff—our friends and coworkers—what it is they feel thankful for this year, what makes this season special for them, and you can read our answers below.

Happy Thanksgiving from Harry & David

I am thankful that my son is moving home two days before Thanksgiving. I’m a little bit excited about that. My husband is a little bit less excited.
– Debi, Communications

I am thankful for so much. I work for such a great company and have a great team. I have a job that I love with people who rock.
– Jessica, Creative Services

I am thankful for the time I was able to spend with my mom and the memories of her I’ll always have.
– Jon, Creative Services

I am thankful for my job and an environment where people are loving, caring, and… you know? A lot of stuff.
– EJ, Customer Service Support

I am thankful that I work with a great group of people.
– Analisa, Inbound Sales and Customer Service

I am thankful for life, that I didn’t die yesterday, life in general, not wrapping Christmas trees, cheap fluffy things, and that the world has peanut butter (and I am super thankful that I’m not allergic to it. NOM NOM NOM!).
– Jennifer, Marketing

I am thankful for lots of things. It’s hard to pick! How about smiles, laughter, and hugs?
– Ava, Outbound Sales

I am thankful for truffles, the employee discount, working at a fun place, and all the women in my life.
– Alan, Product Design

I am thankful for the awesome team I work with, cheese, and beer.
– Danny, Product Design

I am thankful for my fingers and my mad wizard skills.
– Ron, System Solutions

I am thankful for the wonderful wife and delightful baby boy who make me smile every time I come home.
– Michael, Marketing

Other than the normal stuff like my family, wife and dog: Florida State Football, the Miami Heat/Dolphins, Chelsea Football Club, hops (the stuff used to make beer), fermented grapes, and snow covered ski slopes.
– Greg, Marketing

We hope that you, too, have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with gratitude and joy and that you have the chance to celebrate, whether in traditional or inventive new ways, forging new memories to give thanks for in the future.

Happy Thanksgiving from Harry & David

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  1. Elita from Chicago Reply

    I do not cook, and suddenly found myself having 6 people for dinner. Harry & David came thru for us. I paid extra for it to arrive a day before Thanksgiving, and it was worth every penny. With the exception of the turkey, everything was prepared and looked great. The turkey that was for 4 -6 people, would have easily served 7 or 8. Everything was delicious, and my family couldn’t stop talking about the food. I would definitely give it a 5 star rating. Cheers and here’s to next year!!!

    • That is a wonderful story, Elita. We are delighted that your Thanksgiving was a memorable one! Have a wonderful holiday season, and if there’s anything further we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

      At your service,
      All of us at Harry & David

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