It’s almost Christmas, and if you’re like most people, you still have some last minute gifts to buy. But don’t worry. We’ve been sending gourmet Christmas gifts for almost 80 years now. So we’ve got you covered. From chocolate truffles to towers stacked high, you’ll find uniquely perfect specialty food gifts guaranteed to arrive by Christmas. Here’s a list of our top 10 gifts this holiday season:

The Favorite® Royal Riviera® Pears $24.95

Big, sweet and juicy, our Royal Riviera® Pears have been a holiday tradition since 1934. Grown right here in our Southern Oregon orchards, these pears make a great gift to send to friends and family. With these amazing pears, you might just be starting a holiday tradition of your own.

Top Last Minute Food Gifts | Signature Holiday Tower of Treats | Harry & David

Signature Holiday Tower of Treats® Gift $39.95

This was the first gift tower on the market when our founder David came up with the idea in 1945. And it’s been one of our most popular gifts ever since. With sweet treats to please everyone, this classic gift tower will be a welcome surprise for the holidays.

Top Last Minute Food Gifts | David's Holiday Gift Tower | Harry & David

David’s Holiday Gift Tower $49.95

This gift tower is packed full of our favorite sweet goodies. The pears are expertly grown here in the Rogue Valley, and we make the Moose Munch® Popcorn and chocolate cherries in our candy kitchen. With three festive gift boxes neatly stacked high, this gift tower will shine bright under the tree this Christmas.

Top Last Minute Food Gifts | Holiday Tower of Treats Gifts Grand Classic | Harry & David

Holiday Tower of Treats® Gift Grand Classic $79.95

Within these nine exclusively designed gift boxes is an entire spread of delicious snacks for the holidays. From fresh, juicy pears to smoked salmon with cheese, there’s a sweet or savory treat to please anyone at the party. And trust us, this tower can feed a lot of people. So it’s great to send to an office or a large family gathering.

Top last minute food gifts | Merry Mix-up Gift Box | Harry & David

Merry Mix-Up® Gift Box $29.95

Filled with juicy pears, creamy cheese and salty mixed nuts, this gift box has everything you need for a hearthside snack. With just enough sweets for three to four people, this gift is perfect to send to a couple or share at a small office.

Last Minute Food Gifts | Crater Lake Gift Basket Classic | Harry & David

Crater Lake Gift Basket Classic $49.95

This collection of sweet and savory treats was inspired by one of our favorite Southern Oregon landmarks. Crater Lake is an awesome place to take a hike and eat some yummy snacks. Like cheese and crackers topped with pepper and onion relish and washed down with some chocolate truffles. Send this basket to your favorite hiker. Or snacker.

Top Last Minute Food Gifts | Applegate Gift Basket Deluxe | Harry & David

Applegate Gift Basket Deluxe $79.95

Loaded with fresh fruit, roasted nuts, granola and trail mix, this basket is a wonderful gift for the holidays. We’ve chosen wholesome snacks for this lined basket to hold. It’s a perfect spread for anyone who likes to snack on the healthy side.

Top Last Minute Gifts | Signature Chocolate Truffles | Harry & David

Signature Chocolate Truffles $29.95

Calling all chocolate lovers. Our Signature Chocolate Truffles are rich, smooth and oh so good. All six flavors are made right here in our candy kitchen with our top secret blend of premium chocolate. Send this box of chocolate to, well, anyone. There’s no better gift than chocolate.

Top Last Minute Food Gifts | Harry's Gift Box | Harry & David

Harry’s Gift Box $39.95

If you need a gift for that hungry guy in your life, Harry’s Gift Box is just what you need. It has all the makings for some tasty snacks. And there’s even a bag of Moose Munch® Popcorn in there for dessert. Inspired by our founder Harry and his love of snacking, this gift box is an ideal Christmas gift.

Top Last Minute Food Gifts | Roxy Ann Gift Basket Deluxe | Harry & David

Roxy Ann Gift Basket Deluxe $99.95

Brimming with the best treats around, the Roxy Ann Gift Basket Deluxe has something to please the whole crowd for Christmas. Send this basket in your place if you can’t make it to the party this year. It won’t be you, but it will be a ton of amazing goodies like artisan cheese and juicy pears. You’ll be the hit of the night even if you aren’t there.


At Harry & David, we deliver expertly crafted delight.

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