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Holiday Dessert Board

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  • Fill mini bowls with mixed nuts and chocolate-covered cherries. Arrange them on the board. This helps to lay out the remaining ingredients around them.
  • Place the larger items along the edges of the board with the gingerbread cookies and peppermint bark on opposite sides.
  • Slice the pears and place on opposite corners. Slice the persimmons and place in an S-curve around a ramekin. Repeat this pattern with the holiday covered pretzels and dried apricots to create a sense of movement that's pleasing to the eye.
  • Fill in the holes with bite-sized items such as the chocolate truffles and blackberries. If there are any gaps, you can fill with nuts or add a few rosemary sprigs for a pop of color.
  • Place appetizer plates, serving spoons, and take-home bags on the side (the latter for your guests to fill up with their favorites).
Course: Dessert
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