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HoneyBells and Red Grapefruit - Two Trays
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HoneyBells and Red Grapefruit - Two Trays

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Cushman's® Florida HoneyBells - Three Trays
Western HoneyBells - Three Trays

Enjoy two boxes of delicious citrus in this premium fruit delivery. Always picked at the peak of ripeness, HoneyBells are large, juicy citrus with an unparalleled sweetness. Their unique sun-ripened flavor is especially wonderful when complemented by the tart-sweet taste of luscious red grapefruit. Together, they're a delicious combination that can be enjoyed solo, in vinaigrettes, or with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

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  • 2 trays containing approx. 15 HoneyBells (7 lb 11 oz) and approx. 8 red grapefruit (8 lb 5 oz)
  • Net Weight: 16 lb