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Jerky Gift Box
Jerky Gift Box
Product Code: 31847X

Jerky Gift Box

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Explore our handpicked selection of mouthwatering snacks to savor. Maple bacon jerky incorporates the sweet taste of maple and brown sugar with the smoky perfection of slow-cooked, thick-cut bacon strips. Teriyaki Island pork jerky uses premium cuts of succulent grilled pork sourced only in the U.S. and is a truly traditional Asian-style jerky. Each piece brings you closer to a sweet tropical escape. Hickory beef jerky is crafted by carefully balancing traditional hickory smoke flavor with a hint of sweetness for a bold, robust combination. This assortment also includes our hot and sweet beer mustard and pepperoni sticks made with quality pork, beef, jalapeños, fennel seed, garlic, and additional spices for incredible flavor.

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  • Taylor’s Sausage pepperoni sticks (4 oz)
  • Uncured bacon jerky (2 oz)
  • Island teriyaki pork jerky (2.75 oz)
  • Original hickory beef jerky (2.75 oz)
  • Hot and sweet beer mustard (9 oz)
  • Net Weight: 1 lb 4 oz