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Steve's summer Picks

We asked Harry & David president, Steve Lightman, what gourmet goodies he enjoys and recommends, and here’s what he said.

“Fresh summer fruit, bakery treats, and gourmet sweets. I can’t get enough of the great food we make, bake, and grow.”

-Steve Lightman
Royal Verano Pears and Oregold® Peaches - $39.99

“The finest fruit is what first put Harry & David on the map. When you eat an Oregold® Peach or juicy Royal Verano Pear, you’ll know why.”

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Founders' Favorites Gift Box - $99.99

“The founders got it right! This is a collection of delicious classics from our orchards, candy kitchen, and gourmet bakery—sweet, savory, and fresh. “

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Signature Tower of Treats® Gift - $49.99

“Our Signature Tower of Treats® Gift is one of my favorite go-to gifts to give. Friends enjoy opening up each box to find what goodies are inside.”

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Ultimate Meat and Cheese Gift Box - $79.99

“My wife likes to entertain and has served the goodies in this box on several occasions. It’s the ultimate spread with incredible flavor pairings, and everything you need for a group.”

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Classic Favorites Gift Basket - $69.99

“A little bit of everything Harry & David, all in a keepsake copper tin.”

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Deluxe Moose Munch® Premium Popcorn Tin - $54.99

“I have yet to taste all of the flavors, but you can try six in this one gift! It’s made here in our own candy kitchen, which is an amazing process to watch.”

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Classic Pears, Apples, and Cheese Gift - $39.99

“A slice of sweet juicy fruit with a slice of really good cheese on top? Sure it makes a great gift, but we like to have it around the house for snacking and appetizers.”

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Oregold® Peaches - $29.99

“Truly, these are the juiciest and most flavorful peaches I’ve ever tasted. I put them in smoothies, on top of ice cream, even slice and cook them on the grill.”

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