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Special Savings for AARP Members

Visit your nearest Harry & David store and show your AARP card for an exclusive 15% discount on our entire selection of incredible gourmet gifts and more. Simply show your card and use coupon code 201766 at checkout. Valid through 12/31/21.

Military 15% Discount

Save 15% With Your Military ID

We believe in supporting current and former military members for their service. Just show any form of military ID and enjoy 15% off your in-store purchase.


Save 15% With Your AAA Card

An exclusive discount just for AAA cardholders — 15% off your in-store product purchase at your nearest Harry & David store. Just present your AAA card at checkout. Valid through 7/31/22.

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Find All the Best for Easter

Find All the Best for Easter

Our stores are stocked with everything you need for Easter! If you’re looking for extraordinary Easter baskets, we have pre-made gift baskets for both kids and adults, or our expert staff can help you build a custom gift basket. For Easter entertaining, come see our selection of ham, quiches, baking mixes, coffee, and much more for an effortlessly gourmet celebration.

Spiral-Sliced Ham

Spiral-Sliced Ham

Whether you’re having a cozy Easter celebration at home or want to treat the family to delicious meals all spring long, our tasty spiral-sliced hams are beautiful, impressive, and surprisingly simple to prepare. Our bone-in hams are slowly smoked over hickory chips, giving them a rich and savory taste, and have no added water or artificial smoke. We also spiral slice our hams to the bone, making them easy to heat and serve.

Gourmet Brunch

Gourmet Brunch

Liven up your mornings with a delicious gourmet brunch. We have everything you need to put together a complete meal, including spiral-sliced ham, baking mixes, tasty spreads, baked brie, and cinnamon coffee cake. Bring all these delicious flavors to the table for a truly unforgettable occasion.

Wolferman’s English Muffins

Wolferman’s® English Muffins

It only takes one bite of a Wolferman’s® English Muffin to know they’re unlike any other. These thick muffins hold up when topped with your favorite jams and spreads and are covered in tiny air pockets that make them extra crispy and delicious. Choose from a variety of flavors, like cinnamon raisin, wild Maine blueberry, sourdough, or the 1910 original.

Delicious Spreads

Delicious Spreads

It’s the perfect time to fill your pantry with incredible toppings for baked goods, breads, pancakes, and more. Stock up on fruit preserves, conserves, marmalades, curds, special butters, sweet syrups, and honey for all of your baking and snacking needs. You can mix and match these toppings with your favorite brunch foods, or give them as a thoughtful, unique gift.

Sweet and Spicy Relishes

Sweet and Spicy Relishes

These gourmet relishes can add a touch of spice and a whole lot of flavor to your favorite appetizers and entrées, including everything from charcuterie boards to casseroles. Enjoy a variety of tasty options, including pepper and onion, charred pineapple, smoky bacon, and ghost pepper.

Speak to the Experts

Speak to the Experts

Since 1934, Harry & David has been delivering exemplary customer service. Whether you’re planning menus or events, our associates are here to help you with your next great idea. Visit our store to learn more today.

Business Gifting

Business Gifting

From holiday delights to thank-you gifts, our business gifting services make it easy to impress any client. For larger orders, we offer a discount. Choose from any of our offerings to create a custom gift unique to your company. Visit us in to learn more about our business gifting services.

Senior Tuesdays at Harry David Stores

Senior Tuesdays at Harry & David Stores

Head to your nearest Harry & David store this Tuesday to enjoy an exclusive discount just for seniors. Use coupon code 148764 at checkout and enjoy 10% off your in-store product purchase. Just to show our appreciation, you can enjoy this special discount every Tuesday.

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