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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Goodsey!

We hope you'll join our platform to sell your one-of-a-kind goods to a world of new customers. Our goal is to be the ultimate gifting and wishing website while making it easier than ever to find, love, and gift the biggest smiles to everyone. Whether you have questions about commission or insurance, we're here to help you get started.

Getting Started:

No. However, the products selected are all so unique that you will automatically stand out.

This depends on your opt-in. We will also select amazing products that speak to our social and marketing activities. However, in addition to that we will occasionally give you the option to participate in a promotion. If you choose to participate in all promotional activity, you will have a better likelihood of being highlighted — i.e. holiday promotions, employee promotions, our Celebrations Passport loyalty program. Products that speak to occasions, holidays, or uniqueness will have a greater likelihood of selection for marketing posts.

Goodsey is a self-service model. As such, you can add and remove products on your own as well as set vacation days or non-shipping days. Being a part of the Goodsey program requires you to accept the Terms & Conditions. However, the T&Cs do not lock you in for any time period.

The Celebrations Passport program is our enterprise loyalty program. Customers in the Passport program receive free ground shipping. Not all products are Passport eligible. By opting in for Passport, your products become Passport eligible. As you can expect, Passport customers look for Passport eligible items before non-eligible items for purchase.

The system is configured to notify you when you receive an order. Therefore, you have a great reminder in place to let you know when you have an order.


Currently, the only exception is the higher requirement for children/baby and gourmet products.


As a seller, you set the selling price of the product and the shipping amount. The commission is calculated directly from that. If there’s a promotional discount, that’s deducted first and then the commission is calculated — i.e. selling price + shipping amount x commission % = commission or selling price + shipping amount – discount x commission % = commission.

The fees are dependent on the number of products you list with Goodsey. The more products you list, the more merchandising real estate and the higher potential for sales. If you plan to stay with us for a year, we’ll waive the first six months of fees. The seller price is the price that you set in the Goodsey portal. This should be the same as how much you sell it for on other websites.


As the seller, you set the shipping price, so you should be able to absorb your shipping costs into that amount. As such, you shouldn’t have to adjust your selling price as compared to other sites.

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