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Goodsey Rules

Don't forget about your four-legged friend
Sometimes, more is more
Fill your space with what you love
Have a different purse for every day that ends in 'y'
Happiness is an unexpected piece of chocolate
What's on the outside also counts
Every great dinner starts with great company
The best gifts aren't always the most expensive
You look better when you smell good
Be as generous to yourself as you are to others
Sometimes you just have to say yes
When he looks good, you look good
Give the gift that takes them from a thousand words to speechless
Boys are whatever, but diamonds are forever
Give a gift that's as cute as they are
Spark their imagination
Looking good is half the workout
Your resident geek deserves a thank-you
There's always room for improvement
Never walk in empty-handed
Louder is always better
Crazy superstitions are acceptable during playoffs
Listen to your mom: you need that extra pair of socks
Avoid 'Oh crap, that's TODAY??' at all costs
Have your cake and eat it too
Send a gift that has you celebrating just as much as they are
Be the best gifter in the office
Give a gift that makes everything better
The manner of giving is worth more than the gift
'I'm sorry' sounds best with a gift in-hand
You don't need an occasion to send a little love
Never stop dating each other
You're not being ridiculous if the baby is laughing
If you work your whole life, you deserve a 2pm nap in the recliner
A helping hand is the best condolence
Don't forget the magic words
Always check their registry
You can never have too much sunscreen
Nothing beats hot apple cider
Get them the backpack that makes them excited to start school this year
A trick should always be accompanied by a treat
A turkey has more flavor with the right sides
Be the Secret Santa that everyone wants
It's okay to get one for yourself, too
A personalized gift shows off their personality
Give a gift because you want to, not because you have to
Don't forget your first best friends - your siblings
Your wedding party needs love, too
Don't be afraid to ask her friends for help
It's okay if your gift to him is also a gift to you
It's the thought that counts
Never underestimate the numbers (they're called bestsellers for a reason)
Create a backyard you'd want to have a barbecue in

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