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An impromptu get-together calls for easy appetizers, yet you’re determined to serve impressive gourmet snacks because your refined tastes won’t allow you to settle for less. The savvy entertainer turns to the dazzling array of flavors in the Harry & David line of relish and appetizer spreads. Slices of a plain baguette become haute cuisine when topped with one of our savory spreads. The wide range of delicious flavors includes bruschetta, red pepper and cheese, artichoke lemon pesto, merlot laced artichoke, black olive and green olive. Serving a platter of crackers, crudités and cheeses with any of our gourmet relishes is easy and elegant. Some folks consider our relishes cupboard essentials. It’s so simple to blend the signature pepper and onion relish with cream cheese to instantly create a sensational cheese spread. With more than a dozen types available, you can always have the perfect zingy flavor on hand to make easy appetizers. Relish and appetizer spreads also make the perfect gourmet food gift.

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