Here at Harry & David, we offer expertly crafted chocolate gifts to suit all occasions, including chocolate Valentine gift baskets. Whether you’re sending chocolate gift baskets for birthdays or showing gratitude to a helpful friend, we have gourmet chocolates that will delight. Each Valentine chocolate box or tower is filled with a carefully selected assortment of gourmet chocolate gifts designed to appeal to specific or diverse tastes.

For those seeking variety, we have large towers and baskets that feature many chocolate gifts made from both milk and dark chocolate; chocolate-covered dried fruit, such as our popular chocolate cherries; chocolates, chocolate bars mixed with classic complements like cookies and cream or peanut butter; and much more. We also have an array of chocolate gift baskets for the more selective chocolate connoisseur.

Our Valentines chocolate gift baskets include dark chocolate delights for those who desire the rich melding of bitter and sweet, while individual chocolate gifts, such as hand-decorated chocolate-covered strawberries, grapes, or bananas, are available for those who prefer to partake of their chocolate with luscious fruit. And for those seeking to send the finest gourmet chocolates for specific occasions, like chocolate gift baskets as Valentine's Day gifts, we carry themed chocolate gifts as well, such as special limited edition chocolate gift baskets and Valentine chocolate truffles that become available as the holidays draw near. Among our vast selection, there are gourmet chocolates for everyone, and we’ll make each Valentine's Day chocolate gift delivery perfect.

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