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Gourmet salsas, dips and BBQ sauces can make all the difference in the taste of nearly any snack or meal. Zesty and colorful, our 12 uniquely flavored salsas are highly versatile. Much more than a dip for appetizers, salsa is sensational on scrambled eggs. Try adding a generous helping of your favorite salsa to homemade stews or liven up canned soup with the zing of black bean and corn salsa. Give fruit smoothies a tangy kick with mango salsa, peach salsa or pineapple salsa. Artichoke salsa is a luscious topping for grilled fish or chicken. Now that you’ve discovered the many complementary uses of salsa, consider sending salsa gift baskets for nearly any occasion.

Our queso dip can turn any plain tortilla chips into festive Tex-Mex gourmet snacks. Add cut-up jicama, carrots, celery and radishes to the serving platter for an authentic Southwestern flavor fest. Additional dip flavors include wasabi mustard, garlic Parmesan, onion blossom horseradish, Havana black bean and more. Try them on pastas, with salads and anywhere a savory note will embellish your cooking. Gourmet snacks are easy to make when you keep a jar of our premium dips on hand.

Whether you call it BBQ, grilling or dipping, we’ve got a sauce to match your menu. When you’re shopping for salsa gifts, be sure to explore all the delicious dips and sensational sauces that you’ll want in your pantry.

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