Honey Mangoes


Discovered about 60 years ago in southern Mexico, the Honey Mango (or Atualfo Mango) is vibrant yellow, oblong-shaped, and a smaller fruit than the typical mango you’re familiar with. Sweet and delicious, with a rich, spicy flavor, Honey Mangoes have a small pit and creamy, easy-to-eat flesh. We have carefully selected a third-generation farming and packing company, the Ciruli family, that specializes in growing Honey Mangoes on plantations in central Mexico. Only available from late May to the end of June, Honey Mangoes are harvested at their peak, shipped to Arizona and sent out quickly to ensure freshness and quality in each box.

Harvest Information

Royal Verano Pears are now shipping.

Now shipping from California.

Pink Lady Apples are currently shipping.

Cold weather and rain indicate an exceptional crop. Expected to ship on time from California.

Expected to ship on time from Costa Rica.

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