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The Food Siblings Kitchen

The Food Siblings Kitchen are brother and sister Paulie Valetutti and Candice Bourgeois. Paulie is a girl dad, husband, brother, and chef who is passionate about all things delicious. He’s been honing his skills as a chef for over 15 years and made the shift from a workaholic lifestyle managing hundreds of employees to taking control of his health as well as helping families understand the importance of nourishing themselves with real food. He’s passionate about keeping his family healthy by preparing nutritious meals every day for his spunky daughter and wife…plus whoever else shows up at our house for dinner. Candice is a boy mom, wife, and chef with a passion for all things in the kitchen. She helps parents minimize the frustrations of mealtimes for themselves and their kids all while getting new, healthy ingredients into family meals. With a degree in early childhood education, and an a-la-minute mindset for mom life, Candice incorporates developmentally appropriate practices to feed children of all ages (including big ones – aka the adults).
This is an image of lunch box ideas. Turkey meatballs with spaghetti.

As parents, we want to send our kids to school with the tastiest and healthiest lunches. But who has the time? You do! Here’s how.