Vanessa Parish

Vanessa Parish is a pastry chef from North Carolina currently residing in Los Angeles. She owns an online business, Brown Sugar Cookies, where she creates unique flavors to ship straight to your home, and has presented her own line of Sweet Comfort Candles. Vanessa launched her dessert pop-up restaurant, TORCH, which will continue to travel across major cities in 2022. She has worked as a Specialty Pastries Coordinator at some of the top bakeries and restaurants in Los Angeles. She was also a host of the show "Tasting Our Roots" on Buzzfeed's Tasty channel, which now streams on Apple TV and Amazon Prime. Vanessa continues to collaborate with Food Network, NBC, CherryBombe, BET, Airbnb, Google, and Blavity platforms. Vanessa is a board member of the Queer Food Foundation and has started two non-profits, Brown Books for Brown Kids and Tasty Tutelage.