Few things in life feel practically universal. Some that immediately come to mind are socks getting lost in the dryer, traffic popping up when you’re late for an appointment, and making a beeline for the cheese plate when you arrive at a party.

Cheese falls into that category too. (And if you’re lactose intolerant or vegan, yes, there’s also something here for you.) After all, who doesn’t have an opinion about the best cheese to use on a sandwich or whether it’s better as a snack with crackers or fruit? Cheese is versatile, can be made savory or sweet, and is easy to eat with one’s hands. In many ways, it’s the perfect food — which also means that it’s great to consider when solving a fairly universal problem: what to give someone when you’re looking for a gift.

Because cheese is a crowd favorite, it’s perfect for anyone who likes to have get-togethers, and because most people agree it’s delicious, you know it’ll be eaten by the recipient. And when a gift is used, it’s sure to be appreciated.

We rounded up the best cheese gifts for a whole slew of people (although you may end up just gifting these to yourself).

Ultimate wine pairing cheese gift with bottles of wine, types of cheese, sweet and savory snacks.

For the enthusiastic hostess
Ultimate Wine Pairing Collection

Perfect for that one friend who is always hosting movie nights, book clubs, or Friday happy hours, this gift set is essentially a party in a box. There are three bottles of wine, along with some stellar cheeses (including one flavored with merlot), sweets, and meats. We also love that there’s some adventurous flavors in here, such as an ancho chili chutney. The Ultimate Wine Pairing Collection has more than enough food and libations to last for a few impromptu get-togethers, so you won’t feel so bad popping in unannounced on the pal or neighbor you send this to.

Cheese gifts with a box of pears, apples, and cheese next to two bottles of white wine.

For the friend who loves fresh flavors
Deluxe Pears, Apples, and Cheese Gift

Pairing fruit like pears and apples with wine and cheese is basically like eating a salad, right? That feels right. Still, however you justify eating it, the sweet-tart, juicy bite of perfectly ripe produce is an excellent accompaniment to creamy, complex cheese. And this cheese gift comes with two bottles of wine, seasonal pears and apples, and three different cheeses. It’s a delicious way to eat with the season: Gift it to someone who loves sitting on the patio on a crisp fall afternoon.

Cheese gifts with a selection of cheese, meat, and crackers.

To spice up game day
Football Sausage and Cheese Gift

Sure, Sunday game days are filled with cheese-adjacent foods like nachos or wings with blue cheese, but true fromage aficionados know that no snack plate is complete without some slices of the real stuff. Enter this cheese gift, which comes with two blocks of cheese, crackers, and one show-stopping centerpiece: an all-beef salami shaped like a football. The other guests will ooh and ahh over that while the gift recipient can happily enjoy the cheese and cracker slices in peace. Call that a touchdown.

Organic cheese gift with crackers, cheese, and chutney.

For the label snob
Organic Cheese and Appetizer Collection

Everyone has that friend who checks the label of everything they purchase to ensure it’s organic and high quality — even if you remember when that same friend used to eat dollar slices at midnight after bar trivia. It’s fair game to playfully remind them of that after giving them this cheese gift. That’s because everything in it is organic, from the variety of four unique cheeses to the olive bruschetta and flatbread crackers. Most important, it tastes delicious, too.

Beehive company cheese gifts on a platter.

Made for the adventurous eater
Beehive Cheese Co. Collection

This cheese gift is made for someone who turns their nose up at a supermarket cheese plate (even though they’ll totally eat it). It includes some really interesting, really unique artisanal blends. Think rinds rubbed with lavender buds and coffee grounds, cheese smoked with apples and walnut, and infusions of Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey. You won’t find these in any store, so your favorite foodie is sure to be over the moon for them all.

Vegan cheese gift in a crate.

A vegan charcuterie board
everyone can enjoy
Classic Vegan Charcuterie and Assortment

Whether it’s for a dietary reason or a personal choice, being vegan and abstaining from eating meat or dairy doesn’t mean they won’t want to occasionally enjoy alternatives that feel like the real thing. This gift comes with two vegan “cured meats” from Renegade Foods, a vegan soft “cheese,” and crackers — and while everyone can enjoy it, it’ll be extra special for the person who is normally stuck eating the fruit plate at most parties (not that there’s anything wrong with that). They will genuinely appreciate it.

Grafton Village cheese gift with four blocks of cheese in a crate.

A feast for cheddar lovers
Grafton Village Cheese Gift Crate

Cheddar is one of the most crowd-pleasing, classic choices for cheese plates — it is the most popular cheese in the United States, after all. But if you want to kick your next plate up a notch, try out this variety of cheddar cheeses that are far from expected. This set comes with four blocks of cheddars that have unusual flavors, such as smoked maple, truffle, and chili. Imagine a truffle cheddar nestled alongside figs and finished with a balsamic glaze, or smoked chili cheddar perched atop black pepper crackers and drizzled with honey at your next holiday gathering? Plus, there’s a high-quality aged cheddar in the mix for all those cheese purists out there.

Boarderie cheese gifts with a crate of cheese and snacks.

For the most special of occasions
Boarderie Diletto Cheese & Charcuterie

Whether it’s to celebrate a wedding, new baby, retirement, or milestone birthday or anniversary, some occasions call for a really spectacular display. That’s when you generously give a Boarderie cheese board, an appropriate gift to commemorate any of life’s special moments. Not only does it come with gourmet snacks, a cutlery kit, and an acacia wood board, but it arrives already assembled! That means after all the delicious snacks are gone — think exceptional and unique combos like black truffle salami, espresso pecorino cheese, and tangerine-scented olives — the recipient will be left with a beautiful memory of the event they can use again and again. And when they bring it out, they’ll always think of you too.

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