Most of us can think of a specific teacher who changed our lives at one point in our school years. A great educator not only inspires students to learn, but also reaches the students’ hearts by teaching from their own. They shape and encourage the hungriest minds while awakening the inner strengths within each individual.


Inside the Harry & David building of hard working grown-ups, there are still fresh memories of the amazing teachers we’ve had.


I learned from Mr. Thomas that art is not only the result of physical self-expression but also how one lives their life. It was cool to know someone who was content with the life he’d chosen. – Stacy H.


My third grade teacher told me if I didn’t improve my penmanship she wouldn’t let me move up to the next grade. Toughest lesson I learned all year. – Mark H.


Mrs. Daniels encouraged me to be the artist of my second grade class. She was constantly coming up with artistic projects, like wall murals, for me to work on. – Amara W.


With a wide variety of teacher gift ideas, you can send the perfect gift for any teacher, like sweet confections, fresh fruit gifts, flowering plants and so much more. You can send a thoughtful gift on behalf of your child or to a teacher that helped change your life back in grade school, high school or college. Surprise exceptional educators with teacher appreciation gifts on the last day of school or for National Teacher Appreciation Day, which is May 6 this year.


It’s not always easy being a teacher, so make sure that your favorite teacher knows that they’re really your hero.



At Harry & David, we deliver expertly crafted delight.

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