4 Perfect Summer Peach Desserts

Summer is the best season for fruit. From cherries directly into peach season, there is nothing better than a freshly picked, juicy peach. Here at Harry & David, we LOVE PEACHES, so we collected some of our favorite summer peach dessert recipes from top food bloggers. They’re August’s Fruit of The Month, after all. Enjoy!

Peach Desserts - Crumble Pie Recipe

Brown Sugar Peach Crumble Pie

Can’t decide on a crumble or a pie? Why not make both in one dessert!? This Brown Sugar and Peach Crumble Pie recipe was created by Sally over at Sally’s Baking Addiction, see full recipe here. Don’t forget the ice cream!

Peach Frozen Yogurt

Over the past few years, frozen yogurt has turned into the trendy, essential snack for summer. It’s light and delivers a satisfyingly cool tartness. Furthermore, the peaches sweeten the yogurt naturally, making this a refreshing snacking alternative. This Peach Fro-yo, created by Shannon at Fitness Food Diva, is simple and satisfying. Find the complete recipe here.

Peach Desserts - Frozen Yogurt Recipe
Peach Desserts - Cheesecake Bar Recipe

Peaches & Cream Pie Bars

Here’s an innovative twist on a classic peach recipe—Peaches & Cream Pie Bars. The preparation for this dish only takes about 20 minutes and leaves you with a tray full of baked goodies to share with the whole family and then some. These bars are one part breakfast, one part dessert, and fully awesome.
(Spoiler Alert: they also contain cheesecake!) You can find this delicious recipe by Alyssa at the Recipe Critic here.

Peach Dumplings

This dumpling recipe is one of the more creative uses of peaches we’ve seen.  It re-imagines a flash-fried beignet, reminiscent of Bourbon Street confection windows, and applies it to our fave stone-fruit. If you’re feeling inspired, try this recipe at home! You can find the complete recipe here, created by OMG Chocolate Desserts blog.

Peach Desserts - Peach Dumpling Recipe

For more inspiring recipes, visit our peach recipe page.


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