Southern Oregon is the perfect place to grow exceptional fruit. We’re located between two mountain ranges, which gives us clean water from the snowfall, and the weather swings from sunny and hot to quite cold. Our orchards are full of majestic beauty in the spring, and we wanted to share a bit of that with you. We hope you enjoy the scenery.

Irrigating fruit orchards - pear trees in sunshine - Harry & David

Small sprinklers provide water for up to seven trees.

white pear blossoms at Harry & David

Beautiful pear blossoms are a welcome sight every spring.

Pear tree orchards in spring - photos, images from Harry & David

Rich, fertile soil and dramatic swings in temperature help create our famous Royal Riviera® Pears.

peach blossoms flowers in spring - photos, images at Harry & David

A branch full of gorgeous peach blossoms.

Peach flowers blossoms - photos, images at Harry & David

A close-up of a delicate peach bloom.

peaches on the branch - photos, images at Harry & David

Of the 3,000 acres that Harry & David owns, 55 are filled with Oregold® Peaches.

peaches images, photos - Harry & David

Oregold® Peaches are exceptionally sweet and have a higher sugar content than the ones in the supermarket.

deer images wildlife photography - Harry & David orchards

A deer rests in the shade under a row of fruit trees.

We hope you enjoyed this photographic journey through our Southern Oregon orchards.


At Harry & David, we deliver expertly crafted delight.

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    Susan Tanahashi Reply

    Where can I buy a royal riviera pear tree? Is it a Comice pear, does it have a common name?

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