There’s nothing better than a sweet, smooth buttery mango. They’re fantastic as a simple snack and wonderful in just about any recipe calling for fruit.  And if you’ve ever shied away because they seem tricky to cut, then you’re in luck.

I’ll show you two ways to cut a mango easily ? and safely ? in just 60 seconds. 

Mango sliced to perfection

To slice your mango, place it on a flat work surface with the stem side up and the thinner side facing you. Slice off both sides to avoid hitting the seed. Slice each half of the mango with a knife without cutting through the skin, then scoop out the mango with a spoon. Now you’re ready to add your slices to salads, wraps or just store them for a refreshing snack.

Diced and recipe-ready

To dice your mango, repeat the above process but after slicing your mango, turn and slice again going across the lines to form a grid. Scoop out the flesh and you now have diced mango ready for salads, smoothie bowls or your morning yogurt bowl. Freeze a batch of mango for an ice-free smoothie!


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