Planning and hosting a bridal shower is a great way to show your support for the bride-to-be. It isn’t a cake walk (although cake should probably be involved), but following these five simple steps will make the celebration extra special and let you relax and enjoy your time with the bride-to-be. Nobody wants a frazzled host the day of the event (you’ve heard of bridezilla, right? Hostzilla is just as ferocious!). You’ve worked hard to create a fun and memorable day for the bride and you should enjoy it too.

Choose a color scheme

The first thing to decide is a color scheme for the event. It can be based on the bride’s favorite color or inspired by the wedding colors — just make sure it’s what the bride wants. (Make sure everything you plan is what the bride wants, for that matter.) For this particular bridal shower, we went with a lavender and blush-colored theme since it’s a great end-of-summer color combo that can easily transition into fall. It’s a unique color palette which will make the bride feel like one-of-a kind, which she is after all.

Send out a gorgeous invitation

First impressions are everything and when it comes to alerting the masses for a soiree, that starts with the invitation. Whether it be paper or electronic, the invitation sets the tone for the rest of the event. Make sure the invite flows with your theme and contains all the info your guests need to know (location, date, time, registry, even theme if there is one).

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Set your table

The table is the main attraction at a bridal shower, so you really want to shine here. Follow your color scheme and use pieces that complement it. I chose a lavender plate, gold flatware, an apricot-colored napkin and simple glassware. Once you have those key elements down, add the details. We added two gorgeous menus for food and wine and beautiful place cards. It’s the little details that your guests will remember.

Bring in the decor

Flowers instantly bring bright colors to every event. Add alluring blooms to your table and place them throughout the party like the dessert table and bar. Since those will be the most visited areas you’ll want to make them look pretty. But don’t stop at flowers. Balloon arches are a showstopper and bring a fun pop of color to your bridal shower while adding a festive flair.

Food and drink

Any bridal shower host knows that keeping your guests happy means having a steady flow of delicious bites and drinks. Instead of serving a full multi-course meal, I made these personal charcuterie cones and a delectable grazing board full of an array of fine meats and cheeses for guests to nibble on while drinking an amazing selection of wines. This type of menu allows for more socializing.

Bridal shower with a table full of appetizers and several bottles of wine

We also offered mouthwatering desserts for guests to simply grab. I love doing the desserts this way as your guests can share and mingle throughout the party. Sometimes we add in a cake, but we always love to have small bites for guests to easily enjoy.


Jacquelyn is an event designer at Beijos Events. She helps their clients’ vision and theme come to life by sharing her pretty and innovative ideas with them, making their events unique and truly one of a kind. She’s also the brain behind all of the gorgeous photo shoots on the Beijos blog. Jacquelyn lives in sunny Southern California with her husband Nate, two boys Court and Cruz, and their black lab Dolly.

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