Traditions are more important than ever, especially during the holidays. One of the traditions we have fun with every year is a good old fashioned cookie exchange! Normally I’d get together with friends or family and we’d spend an afternoon baking our favorite cookie recipes together. This year, though, I’m taking the festivities virtual so that I can celebrate with family and friends both near and far. With neighborhood cookie drop-offs or a virtual cookie exchange, you can make sure no one misses out on the sweet holiday celebrations!

A neighborhood cookie exchange is an easy way to connect with your friends locally! Start with a pretty platter like the bronze one I used, or a sturdy ceramic or paper plate. You can even set out a couple plates if you want to deliver cookies to multiple people. Next, gather all your favorite cookies and treats and style them on the plate. I like to use an assortment of flavors, from frosted snowmen to classic chocolate chip. You can also bake your own cookies and brownies for a special homemade touch.

Once you have your cookies all set up, it’s nice to add in some thoughtful details. Print a cute card to wish them happy holidays, or even include a personalized ornament and tag. Going the extra mile for loved friends and family is really what this holiday season needs!

cookies left at neighbor's door

The last step is simple: Drop the plate on their front porch and message them to let them know you left them something sweet!

video call with family for cookie swap

If you’re like me, your family lives far away. Even if you live close, maybe you can’t get together in person this year. You still want to show them some love as well! Mailing them a box or basket full of cookies is an easy way to brighten their season over the distance. We love to send our grandparents an assortment and then zoom with them to discuss each cookie and why we love them. With a virtual cookie exchange like this, you can still spend time with family during the holidays no matter where you are!

Celebrating the holidays over the distance this year doesn’t have to mean celebrating apart. Cookie exchanges are a festive and delicious way to spread the holiday spirit. Just don’t forget to save a cookie or two for yourself!


Abby Guido, from Rocklin, California, is one of the creators behind Beijos Events, a party and entertaining blog that covers everything from pretty parties to cocktails and food. She is a mama and wife that loves to entertain, cook, and create new dishes, and enjoys taking a simple dish and making it beautiful.

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