October means the Halloween season, the only time of year it’s completely OK to eat miniature candies all month long — not a bad way to celebrate a birthday! Outside, the last of the summer heat is finally gone by October, and the leaves are reaching gorgeous peak color change. If any of your favorite pumpkin-spiced foods and desserts haven’t been released yet, they’ll undoubtedly be arriving in coffee shops and bakeries. October is also prime time to camp out on the couch with a blanket and hot cider, as this month traditionally brings new seasons of your favorite network TV shows. All things considered, October is a special month for everyone, though those born this month have inherited some unique personality traits and wellness characteristics.

Great health is yours, naturally

October birthday image - group of adults sitting on a couch outside drinking wine and eating finger food.

October babies tend to grow up to be very healthy people. NBC’s Today reports that those born this month traditionally develop great cardiovascular health and lower cholesterol levels, and as a result, have a reduced risk of heart disease. Global medical surveys also find that October babies tend to live longer than those born in other months — the Journal of Aging Research has found that people born in the fall (September through November), have a greater chance of living to see the 100-year mark. October birthdays also bring strong mental health. Studies from the renowned medical journal Public Library of Science show that those born in October have a lower risk of depression and anxiety-related conditions.

October birthday babies have two times the jewels

Unlike other months with only one birthstone, October has two special gems: the tourmaline and the opal. The tourmaline, which many geologists consider the most colorful gem on the planet, has a fascinating formation process — hot water and chemical vapors become trapped inside caves and begin to harden, often resulting in entire caverns being covered with pillars of tourmaline. This spellbinding site has been reported in Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Brazil. Though much tourmaline resembles emeralds and sapphires, this gorgeous stone also comes in brilliant shades of pink, deep purple, and canary yellow.

From early civilizations onward, the opal has set the standard for gemstones — the name even comes from the Latin term for all precious stones, “opalus.” The best opals, sourced primarily from Australia, emit a kaleidoscope of colors when cut well. Other opals come in every hue of the spectrum, though the black opal is by far the most coveted. If you manage to procure an opal for your birthday, be careful when storing your stone — the most beautiful opals contain up to 20% water and can dry out in hot environments.

Congratulations, you’re a natural-born leader

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Being born under Venus in the zodiac, those with October birthdays tend to be natural peacemakers, gifted with refined presence, and personal expression — all typical characteristics of a politician or head of office. Appropriately, six presidents have been born in October, more than any other month, including John Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Chester Arthur, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Jimmy Carter. The leadership gene appears in October’s women as well — Hillary Clinton and Eleanor Roosevelt are October babies. Outside of the political realm, the legendary John Lennon and Pablo Picasso, both groundbreaking leaders of their creative arts, were born in October, as was Mahatma Gandhi, one of history’s greatest peacekeepers.

The October birthday flower is more than just pretty

October birthday image - calendula

October’s birth flower is the Calendula, known to most as a pot marigold, an earthy, long-petal beauty famous for its vibrant orange and yellow tones. Though it originates from south-central Europe and the Mediterranean, the earliest known cultivation of marigolds took place amongst Aztecs, who believed the flower held spiritual powers, mainly due to their medicinal properties. Anti-inflammatory oils within Calendulas can decrease swelling in the mouth, calm rashes, reduce infections, and encourage skin regrowth in wounds. Calendulas are known to keep deer and other grazing animals out of vegetable gardens, thereby protecting entire crop yields, which is another reason why the Aztecs honored the flower. Cultures across the world see marigolds as embodiments of personal strength, unconditional love, and calm tenacity, characteristics especially valuable in this stressful modern world.

October birthdays bring balance, power, and passion

Most born in October are Libras (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22), expressive and sociable yet rational and balanced individuals that seek to maintain harmony in all aspects of their lives — a goal represented by Libra’s zodiac sign, the scales. This theme of balance even appears in nature during October, as this is the month when the hours of daylight and night are nearly equal. Roman poet Manilius, scribe of one of the world’s oldest known astrological books, reports the moon was in Libra when the great empire of Rome was united and founded. Bruce Springsteen, Kim Kardashian, Will Smith, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Serena Williams are just a few famous modern Libras.

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The month of October also births Scorpios (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21), passionate and loyal people who never compromise their beliefs for the mere approval of others. Stoic, independent, and all-around intelligent, a Scorpio is known to possess a vibrant personality that can easily display itself without an excess of effort. Well-known Scorpios include Drake, Kendall Jenner, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, and Ciara.

October birthday with a Carvel ice cream cake.

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