Libby is one of our copywriters here at Harry & David. Here’s her recipe for mixing up some weekend fun.

I was recently the subject of an intervention. A boredom intervention, to be exact. Having noticed the mundane monotony of my weekends, my best friend planned a girls’ night out for a concert, preceded by hors d’oeuvres.  Throughout the evening I noticed an overwhelming and long forgotten feeling, later to be understood as—fun.

Who knows how many weekends I spent muddling through a mountain of laundry and conquering dust bunnies, thinking that a clean house would lift my weary spirit. Wrong. The remedy was a getaway with my girlfriends to rediscover the benefits of uncontrollable laughter, food without calories and drink refills that never add up.

Newly cured, I finally stepped up to plan a Ladies’ Night “In.” My friend Steph seriously goes to town with her fall decorations and was chomping at the bit to show them off. Which means I didn’t have to fight dust bunnies again. Deal. The rest of our clan threw in a little cash for the beverages and snack food. The theme? Wine tasting and games. They brought the games and I arranged for the Harry & David gourmet fruit basket and wine and cheese gifts to be delivered for the event. And really, that’s all it took for the most fun night yet.

There we sat with pinkies up, munching on delicate crackers topped with soft cheese and slices of succulent pear. First a sip of a crisp Chardonnay and then a fruity Pinot Noir, only to finish with a “close your eyes and softly nod because they are that good” truffle. I never could have paired all of the flavor profiles together for the nibbling extravaganza that ensued. I trusted the experts in fine gourmet goodies to compile the magnificent spread for us. Not a morsel was left. Oh, not because we didn’t have enough, but because we overindulged in a somewhat barbaric free-for-all comparing flavor combinations. Stretch pants are allowed on girls’ night, anyway.

Girls, rediscover fun and bring back Ladies’ Night. Get rid of the weekend blahs, grab your besties and let loose. Just make sure to keep yourself and your friends out of the kitchen and order some gourmet food and wine and cheese baskets for the event. Done right, by the end of the evening, lip gloss-smudged wine glasses will be the only thing left to clean.


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