In kitchens across America, the chicken reigns supreme (we eat 160 million servings of it a day!). Its convenience and versatility make it the home cook’s go-to source of protein. You can braise, bread, brine, chunk, deep-fry, grill, grind, marinate, poach, pound, roast, rub, skewer, shred, and stuff it. The chicken stands alone as a meal or works in tandem with vegetables and grains in soups, salad, and tacos. And its mild flavor is a canvas for just about any seasoning or marinade, which also lends itself to a starring role in international cuisines.

This ubiquitous bird is synonymous with everyday home cooking, comfort, and nostalgia. But just because this kitchen staple is a weeknight dinner treasure, a whole roasted bird can set the scene for holidays too, pairing easily with celebratory, seasonal flavors: savory herbs, sweet fruit, and most any side dish under the sun (or moon, if you’re cooking at night).

These 16 chicken recipes are our favorite ways to spin a fowl. From holiday roasts, iconic soups, deeply satisfying chicken bowls, get-together sandwiches, and quick weeknight dinners, we take you from the oven to the grill, from the Instant Pot and slow cooker, and from light meat to dark. Your new chicken recipes await.

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Theresa Gambacorta is a food writer and 25-year veteran of New York City's restaurant industry. Her writing has appeared in such titles as La Cucina Italiana, Men's Fitness, Muscle and Fitness, and Centennial's special interest publications. She is the co-author of chef Joey Campanaro's Big Love Cooking (Chronicle) and is currently working on a cookbook about Persian cuisine to be published by Knopf.

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