Like a wine that’s aged, the relationship with your father-in-law tends to get better over time. As the years go by, he starts to come out of his shell. It starts with sharing stories, moves to lounging on your couch watching sports with you, maybe enjoying a cold one, to giving you advice. He can act as a second father if you need it, a fun uncle, or even an older sibling who likes to tease you (all in good fun, of course!). And as the connection deepens, you’re going to want to show him how happy you are that he’s in your life — and there’s no better way to do that than with father-in-law gifts, special birthday presents, or even just because gifts.

When looking for something unique, think about his favorite things: Is he a sports fanatic? Does he like trying new foods? Or is he happiest at home snacking on cookies or drinking a cup of coffee?

Whatever he’s into, show him you know him well with these thoughtful father-in-law gifts.

Father in law gifts with a plate of cooked steak.
Preferred Steak Collection

For the fine diner

The steaks in this gift package are wet-aged for 21 days. The Black Angus Cattle is raised in the Midwest, antibiotic-free, and fed a 100% vegetarian diet to ensure the perfect amount of fat marbling. That’s the script to use when you give your father-in-law this premium collection of top sirloin, New York strip, ribeye, and filet mignon. And if he marks big occasions with fancy dinners, trips to farmers markets and butchers for the finest ingredients, or reservations at trendy new restaurants, he’ll be sure to appreciate it.

Father-in-law gifts with a pizza making kit in a box surrounded by ingredients for making pizza.
Pizza Kit with Wine

For the takeout king

There’s the fine dining father-in-law and then there’s the guy who thinks a special dinner is a burger and fries at a restaurant where the staff wear lots of flair and sing “Happy Birthday” off-key in unison. But what about when he actually has to cook something himself? That’s where this kit comes in: Dad-in-law can assemble a pepperoni and a roasted red pepper pizza in minutes, and then serve it up with a glass of vino for a pizzeria experience right at home. And the premium ingredients, such as uncured pepperoni and Sicilian jack cheese, may be enough to persuade him to opt for a fancier venue the next time he eats out.

Father in law gifts with a box of English muffins, and spreads.
Deluxe Berry Breakfast Box

For the early riser

When breakfast at your father-in-law’s house starts before the birds start chirping and the newspaper is half-finished before the sun even comes up…well, that’s just the life of an early riser. If your father-in-law likes to start his day at the crack of dawn, this deluxe breakfast box will be a surefire hit. It comes with a variety of berry English muffins, scones, and loaf cakes. And coffee, of course, which, if your father-in-law insists on the family watching the sun rise together, might end up being more for you than him.

Father in law gifts with a collection of ribs, hot dogs, and roasted corn.
The Tailgate Collection

For the game day fanatic

If Sundays are reserved for the highs and lows of his favorite team or he can’t go five minutes without bringing up the latest win or trade, this tailgate collection will make his game days even better. It comes with four half-slabs of pork ribs, 25 all-beef hot dogs, and 12 steak burgers. (Check out the different kinds of burgers you can make!) This high-quality collection can last all throughout the season — and if his lucky jersey has anything to say about it, all through the playoffs, too.

Father in law gifts with a box of wine and chocolates.
Reserve Pinot Noir and Belgian Chocolate

For the wine critic

Is your father-in-law’s favorite reading material the wine list at every restaurant in town? Is his idea of a perfect day a trek to a winery? Do his weekend errands include a visit to a wine store, where he can talk about the oak in chardonnay and various flavor profiles all day? Then impress him with a bottle of 2018 Reserve Pinot Noir. It even comes with a pairing that will bring out the subtleties of this high-quality wine: a half dozen dark chocolate truffles and a fruit-and-nut chocolate bar. It’s a father-in-law gift that will win you major points with that aspiring sommelier.

Father in law gifts with a box of sweet and savory snacks.
Grand Sweet and Salty Gift Box

For the snack fiend

Most people would be thrilled to receive a tower that’s piled high with snacks, but nobody will be happier about it than the father-in-law who loves to nosh. Sitting down to watch TV? Snack time. Some down time between lunch and dinner? Snack time. Playing cards after dinner? Yep: snack time. This gift box, with savory options like trail mix and crackers and sweet treats like raspberry galettes and cookie bars, will satisfy practically any taste.

Father in law gifts with a box of Cheryl's cookies
Hug In Every Bite Bow Gift

For the sweet tooth

If your father-in-law’s favorite meal is dessert, then cookies will always be the answer. Of course, if your father-in-law has had every sweet treat in the grocery store, convenience store, and bodega, you can’t just go out and pick up a generic box of oatmeal raisin. Instead, opt for this gift box, with three different varieties of buttercream-frosted cookies and three classic chocolate chip cookies. Each one is individually wrapped, so he can savor them without worrying that they’ll get stale. One caveat: You’ll ruin him for life from plain old boxed cookies.

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