Cookies & Brownies

From the humble chocolate chip creation to the extravagant galette, baked goods are our business. We specialize in crafting amazing cookie gifts that will delight friends and family, cookie baskets that will elicit a smile from even the most solemn companion, and cookie tins that are perfect for setting out on the counter for whenever the mood strikes. With the myriad flavors and styles we have available—such as sports-themed or personalized cookies—there’s a cookie or brownie for everyone in each bakery delivery.

We offer many traditional favorites, including scrumptious double chocolate chunk, vanilla frosted, and snickerdoodles. Other offerings consist of contemporary and unique flavors like sweet and tart white chocolate raspberry and raspberry galettes—exquisite and buttery raspberry-filled cookies made using our own special recipe. And lest we forget to mention it, our lemon citrus shortbread cookies are among the best cookies available.

These gems are so sweet and delicious that, rather than sending them as individually wrapped cookies, we package them in groups of two since eating only one is virtually impossible. It’s a snap to order these amazing gifts from our online bakery. Delivery is always prompt, and you can rest assured that, just like when you order cookie gift baskets from our catalog, when ordered online, baked goods and other desserts will arrive in perfect condition.