In the winter months, after all the autumn leaves have fallen, things tend to look a bit bleak. But that’s okay, because we get to bring bright Christmas flowers and plants like amaryllises and paperwhites into the house to liven things up. Especially for the holidays.

As a host or hostess at the holidays, you always want to make sure your house is decked out with fun Christmas decorations. Beautiful fresh plants and flowers can be just the thing to kick your holiday décor up a notch.

Amaryllises are one of our favorite Christmas flowers. They have thick stems that grow tall and hold the biggest blooms that last for weeks. And the coolest thing about them is that you grow them inside. All they need is a little sun and water.

Red Lion Amaryllis are famous for their vibrant color a full blooms.
Red Lion Amaryllis’ are famous for their vibrant color a full blooms.

These flowers make a nice addition to your own home, and they’re great to send to friends and family, too. The trick is timing. Amaryllises, and most other bulb flowers, take about four to eight weeks to grow, so plan on sending these flowers for delivery around Thanksgiving. By the time Christmas rolls around, houseguests and all, the flowers will be in full bloom.

Flowers are just one way to make your holiday home extra cheery. We’d love to hear your tips and tricks on decorating and hosting. Comment below or send us pictures on Instagram and Pinterest with #fromourhometoyours.


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