Galentine’s Day may have been invented by a fictional character, but this holiday has become very much a real thing. Celebrated on Feb. 13, Galentine’s Day is meant for women to show their appreciation for their best girl friends and how they have always been there for them, no matter the situation. Had a bad break up? They’re there. Asked them to stand up at your wedding? They’re there. Going through some “family stuff”? They’re there.

Now it’s time for you to be there…with them. Celebrate your friendship with any of these Galentine’s Day gift ideas. Just like the stories you can’t wait to tell these friends, these gifts are meant to be shared.

Galentine's Day gift ideas with a box of chocolate treats and truffles.

The gal whose birthday is Feb. 14

People are born on holidays. And what better holiday to be born on than one that’s all about being loved? And chocolate. If your birthday is on Valentine’s Day, that means you’re an Aquarius, and that is a sign that loves the finer things in life. Combine that with the aforementioned cocoa and you can give your friend some of the finest chocolate gifts around. Since this is two celebrations in one, you’ll want to go a little bit bigger. A chest full of chocolates or even a tower of them will suffice.

Galentine's Day gift ideas with a charcuterie board spread.

The gal who is a teacher

Unless it falls on a weekend, teachers do not get Galentine’s or Valentine’s Day off. Sure, they smile when all their students bring in homemade cards for them, but teachers are all about feeding minds. Feed them with an assortment of meats and cheeses and all the accoutrements that make for a very shareable gift for your Galentine’s Day party.

Galentine's Day gift ideas with a plate of steak and other cuts of meat with rubbing salt.

The gal who is a gourmand

Anyone who’s really into eating gourmet meals will be really into this artisanal steak and seasoning collection from Harry & David ambassador Geoffrey Zakarian. Turn your Galentine’s Day soiree into a spectacular steakhouse experience with filet mignon and New York strip. Season them with GZ’s Greek sea salt and exclusive meat blend. Chef tip: Cook the steaks in butter.

Galentine's Day gift ideas with a bouquet of flowers next to a plate of chocolate covered strawberries.

The gal who is your sister

Whether she’s older or younger (but especially if she’s older…), impress your sis by going big. Regardless of the relationship, everyone loves flowers, even dried ones. Start there and combine them with any number of delightful treats, from chocolate-covered strawberries to an award-winning bottle of wine.

Galentine's Day gift ideas with a spa gift box full of candles and bath salts.

The gal who’s pregnant

Expecting mothers need to take care of themselves. Help her do this by gifting them a spa gift box. This Mommy to Bee one is ultra charming. In addition to the rose and lavender salt tubes and bath bomb, the cake-scented candle will bring them total relaxation just by breathing in its aroma. If you think that will stir on some cravings, don’t forget the baked goods.

Galentine's Day gift ideas with a box of pears and cheese next to a bottle of wine.

The gal who lives far away

If you’re unable to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your best gal, then ship her a care package she’ll love forever. The Rogue Valley Gift Box highlights the finest foods — and wine — from Southern Oregon, including pears, four varieties of cheeses from award-winning Rogue Creamery, including Crater Lake and Oregonzola blues, and a bottle of Harry & David 2020 Pinot Gris. This gift is so delicious and thoughtful, the recipient may just hop on a plane to thank you in person.

Galentine's Day gift ideas with three bottles of wine and two glasses.

The gal who enjoys a glass of wine

Make her Galentine’s Day a little saucier with three bottles of wine. Whether she likes red or white or sparkling or a dessert wine — or a combination of any three — you have 16 different wines from which to choose, many having won gold medals at recent wine competitions.

Galentine's Day gift ideas with a cup of hot coco next to a tin of hot chocolate.

The gal who is always cold

We all have one of these in our group of friends. Even in July, she’s wearing a sweater, complaining because the air conditioning is blasting. Whatever the time of year it is, help your girlfriend warm up with hot cocoa mixes made with the finest milk and dark chocolate. Oh, and that dark chocolate is actually double dark chocolate. So, it’s doubly creamy and smooth.

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