Here at Harry & David, pears are our business. We’re committed to providing the best, freshest, and tastiest fruit. We believe that a degree of attention to quality makes all the difference, which is why we still pick all of our pears by hand.

We use only the most pristine and perfect pears in our gifts and fruit deliveries. Even the smallest blemish can reduce a pear’s value. If a stem pierces another pear, or if there’s a fingernail mark, the pear is unsuitable for use in our fresh fruit gifts. We donate pears with imperfections to local food pantries.

The juiciest pears getting packed in an old machine.
“Back in my day, we had to use contraptions like this to move pears,” said all harvest workers.

Our high standards can make transporting pears something of a challenge. Decades ago, we used machines, like the one pictured above, to move pears from crates to the conveyor belts where they were sorted.

The juiciest pears from Harry & David getting cleaned by water in a log flume.
All you need is a log for this flume and you have yourself a wonderful waterpark ride!

Today, we actually use a water flume (right) to float the pears out of the bins. That way, fewer pears are damaged during transportation.

Our pears are picked when they’re mature but not yet ripe and are then placed in cold storage for 28 days. The refrigeration simulates the cooling temperatures of autumn, which causes the sugars in the pears to become concentrated, resulting in sweeter, more delicious fruit. It’s a necessary process in cultivating these much sought after delicacies.

The exact combination of conditions, timing, and temperature are what make our pears so much sweeter, juicier, and more flavorful than any other variety of pear — that and the thorough effort our experts put into cultivating and picking this remarkable gift from nature.

So order a pear delivery today. Our sweet, nutritious fruit is the perfect complement to all manner of sweet and savory treats.

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    Is the fruit in your monthly delivery package “certified organic”?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

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      Dear Dalia,

      Yes! We offer our Organic Fruit Club Collection with delicious certified organic selections. Click here to see what fruit is included.

      The fruit in our Organic Clubs are grown, harvested and packed in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program. Top quality, gourmet organic fruits are exactly what you can expect from these shipments. In fact, you will find a label that we ship with our fruit to let you and your recipients know that you can guarantee to be biting into fresh, juicy, and organic fruit!

      If there is anything more that we may be of assistance with, please feel free to contact us again.

      At your service,
      The Harry & David Team

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