The way we see it, every day should be Earth Day. After all, ours is the only known habitable planet within billions of miles. And then there’s the fact that Mother Earth gives us the proper amount of soil, air and sunlight for us to go about our daily lives. Taking care of the planet that takes care of us is about the most natural thing in the world.

Here at Harry & David, the environment plays a pivotal role in the success of our company. We grow pears trees, after all. A lot of them. Over 650,000 in Southern Oregon alone. We learned early on that the more aligned we are with nature, the better the crops and the tastier the pears. So we gladly do our part.

Our tree planting program is a good example. Last year, we donated close to 900 dwarf pine trees to 10 state parks in Ohio. These slow-growing evergreens are excellent foundational flora that will help provide landscaping stability in the parks. This pine tree planting is just one of the ways we work to find suitable homes for unused goods and produce. And then there’s our award-winning recycling program. Since starting the program in 1989, we’ve recycled more than 31,000 tons of materials. Through our online marketing initiative, we’ve trimmed our paper output 35% by eliminating more than 37 million catalogs.

Those are big numbers. However, we know there’s more we can all do to make a difference and lessen our carbon footprint. Our CEO Craig Johnson says it best:

“Conservation and recycling are top priorities for Harry & David, and the impact that sustainable business practices can have on the planet cannot be minimalized. From sustainable farming, to restoring, to donations like this for the Ohio state parks, Harry & David demonstrates a commitment to building a better environment through all aspects of our business.”

This April 22, don’t be shy about celebrating Mother Earth. Give her plenty of TLC. Consider what you can do at home and at work to be more environmentally conscious. We’ve got a good thing going here on Earth. Let’s all do our part to keep it that way.


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