From exploring why we celebrate turning one year older to discovering birthday traditions around the world, our series “All About Birthdays” brings you fun facts about the day we all celebrate.

November is an especially cozy month for a birthday, perfect for daylong fires in the hearth, soul-warming soups, stews, mulled wines, and especially rich late-harvest cakes, and pies.

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This month marks fall in full bloom, an important time of transition and tradition, characterized by the drawing near of friends and family — due both to lower temperatures and the closeness of the holiday season. Perhaps best of all, the end of daylight savings time on Nov. 7 gifts us all a much-needed extra hour of sleep. November birthday babies also happen to be recipients of some remarkable personal characteristics and birthday benefits.

November birthdays are strong and athletic

Harvard University research has found that November babies typically grow to be taller and fuller-bodied than individuals born in summer. The International Journal of Sports Medicine also reports that November babies display up to 15% better athletic skills than those born during other seasons. Lastly, a November birthday means a greater chance of left-handedness, and seeing that most athletes in sports like baseball, boxing, and tennis train against righties, lefties typically hold an advantage over their opponents when game time arrives.

November birth flower: Chrysanthemums keep you young

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Chrysanthemums are November’s birth flower. Mums are a native Asian bloom that cultures of the region believe possess the power to preserve youth. Chinese tradition says a solitary mum petal floated in a glass of wine can increase the strength and resilience of all bodily organs, and that keeping mums in one’s bedroom can prevent early gray hair.

The fascinating order with which a mum’s petals open and bloom is such a magical sight that the Japanese view the flower as a symbol of nature’s perfection. Chinese philosopher Confucius was known to have deemed chrysanthemums “pure and sublime” objects to be focused upon during meditation.

Your November birthday is the kickoff of party season

The vaunted holiday party season begins this month with late fall festivals and harvest parties, family Thanksgiving and Friendsgivings, and let us not forget, Thanksgiving Eve (one of the biggest party nights of the year, seeing that many old friends visit their hometowns and have off work the next day). Planning a November birthday celebration near Thanksgiving guarantees a great crowd with out-of-town guests who are usually too far away to make it to a get-together. And unlike holding a birthday party in December or January, your November birthday party guests won’t be burnt out by all the holiday celebrations just yet.

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November zodiac signs Scorpio and Sagittarius bring truth and freedom

Most November babies are Scorpios (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21), natural truth-seekers known for utilizing a unique blend of creativity and intelligence to fight for what they believe in. A Scorpio’s ambition can sometimes feel intimidating, but their efforts aren’t all about personal gain — a Scorpio lives to advance causes they believe will benefit everyone, and are well known for displaying bravery to help close friends.

Also quite charming and adventurous, Scorpios love displaying their professional capabilities via highly visible accomplishments. Well-known Scorpios include Pablo Picasso, Hillary Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Gates, Marie Antoinette, and Katie Perry.

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Those born after Nov. 21 fall under the sign of Sagittarius (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21), a philosophical, open-minded bunch with grand, but considerate, senses of humor. Though a Sagittarius can be often be read as impatient and overambitious, it’s only their freedom-seeking nature reaching for its next adventure — logically, traveling the world is an ultimate pleasure for them. Generous and warm at heart, Sagittarius individuals possess an exuberance that inspires all those they come in contact with. Tyra Banks, Jay-Z, Billie Eilish, Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson, and Jamie Foxx are all born under the Sagittarius sign.


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