In “Chew on This” we serve up the flavorful history of food and how it has shaped the way we cook and eat today. Let our Zodiac sign food ideas satisfy your astrological hunger.

Horoscopes and food might seem unrelated, but they were actually once inextricably connected.

Centuries ago, studying the stars’ movements allowed people to track and predict the seasons. This was critical to ensuring a successful harvest, according to Catherine Urban, a Cleveland-based astrologer, former BonAppé horoscope columnist, and author of Your Astrological Cookbook: The Perfect Recipe for Every Sign.

“Astrology was developed around agriculture,” Urban says. “To understand how to grow food, you had to watch the planets.”

Although farmers may not rely on the stars as much today, the sun’s location when you were born, which determines your Zodiac sign, can offer insight into your personality traits. And these, in turn, contribute to dictating the qualities you look for in the food you eat, says astrologer Monte Farber, who co-wrote Signs & Seasons: An Astrology Cookbook with his wife (and fellow astrologer), Amy Zerner.

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“The best foods for each of us depends on our tastes, cravings, energy, temperament — and astrology can reveal those qualities,” Farber says. “By understanding our personal ‘vibes,’ we can focus on balance, nutrition, and enjoyment.”

Here is a look at some foods the 12 signs of the Zodiac may favor.

Aries (March 21April 19)

No surprise here: This fire sign likes spicy and bold tastes, Farber says. As a result, foods such as lamb, black olives, and grapefruit, along with spices like ginger and cayenne, can appeal to Aries.

Celestially satisfying dishes: Bruschetta topped with a black olive spread can offer “an exciting, brash flavor” for Aries, who appreciate small bites, Farber says. The always-on-the-go sign may also benefit from sipping hydrating beverages, such as citrus-infused water.

Taurus (April 20May 20)

Taureans, Farber says, tend to have a penchant for sumptuous, decadent dishes.

Avocados and mild cheeses are a great way for them to get some of the rich, creamy taste they crave without overindulging in heavy foods,” he says.

Celestially satisfying dishes: Starting with spinach avocado dip or a cream cheese torta appetizer will extend a mealtime for Taureans, who like to eat slowly, savoring every morsel, Farber says.

A main course made with sablefish, also referred to as black cod, can correspond to the sign’s taste tendencies. “Black cod is luscious, luxurious, distinctive, and smooth,” Farber says.

Gemini (May 21June 20)

Geminis, Urban says, are often willing to try something new or put a spin on a dish. “They’re a bit more experimental,” she says.

Celestially satisfying dishes: A salad made with unique ingredients — one that combines greens with elements like eatable flowers, for example, which can add crispy, sweet, and other unique flavors — could be a good main dish for the sign. Geminis, Zerner says, are often interested in items like lettuce, citrus, and snap peas.

“They love a variety of flavor and a mix of color,” she says. “As they are an air sign, [they] don’t like big, heavy meals.”

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Cancer (June 21–July 22)

This astrological sign’s palate centers on mild, soothing foods, including coconut, figs, crab, pine nuts, and eggs, according to Farber.

“Traditionally, there is a link between areas of the body and the sun signs in astrology,” he says. “Cancer sun signs may be prone to sensitive stomachs and might want to stay away from spicy, highly seasoned food.”

Celestially satisfying dishes: A quiche; warm English muffin with fig preservesorange coconut smoothie; or a similar health-oriented breakfast beverage might be an agreeable morning meal for a Cancer.

Leo (July 23–August 22)

Corn, clams, spinach, and mozzarella are some of the foods to which this fire sign is drawn, Farber says. This is due in part to some — such as tomatoes — being in season during the sunny summer months when Leos are born.

Celestially satisfying dishes: With an affinity for peaches, Leos might enjoy this peach caprese salad recipe, which features fresh mozzarella and two types of tomatoes. A peach pie would also be well received, according to Farber. Possible variations on the classic summer dessert include a pie made with berriespeach tart, crowd-pleasing slab pie, and peach galette.

Virgo (August 23–September 22)

This detail-oriented sign — often represented as a maiden carrying stalks of wheat — is prone to worrying and, thus, likes to eat things that are calming, such as chicken. This informal and familiar food also ties into Virgo’s association with small animals, Farber says.

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Celestially satisfying dishes: While fruit-filled kringle wreath pastry and raspberry bread pudding desserts relate to the sign’s love of blueberries and raspberries, Farber and Zerner suggest chicken-and-fennel kebabs for a Virgo meal. Chicken and steak marinated in a tangy homemade sauce, and then skewered with bell peppers and mushrooms and grilled is an alternative that’s both savory and sweet.

Libra (September 23–October 22)

Born between September and October, during the harvest season, Librans have an appetite for traditional fall flavors, such as apple and cinnamon, as well as a fair amount of balance.

“A Libran looks for a harmonious blend in all things,” Ferber says. “They want everything to be fair and equal, which means that they are very aware of portion size and presentation.”

Celestially satisfying dishes: Farber calls apple crisp — which can include another Libra-friendly food, oats — “a delicious dessert for Libra season.” The sign also likes items that offset sweet with sour, says Urban, a Libra who’s partial to sour beer. Additional cocktail options include a Moscow Mule made with apple cider, ginger beer, and lemon juice, or a punch involving cinnamon, honey, orange, and pomegranate (another Libra favorite, according to Farber).

“Traditionally, there is a link between areas of the body and the sun signs in astrology.”

Monte Farber, co-author of Signs & Seasons: An Astrology Cookbook

Scorpio (October 23–November 21)

As a water sign ruled by Mars, Scorpios have a soft spot for foods that are spicy — or even burnt, according to Urban. “When a food is charred to perfection on a grill, it’s something a Scorpio can really appreciate,” she says.

Celestially satisfying dishes: The sign’s intense nature can also include a proclivity for rich, flavorful dishes, such as smoked andouille sausage, or possibly a chocolate cream pie. The latter, Farber suggests, would satisfy a Scorpio’s hunger for a lush chocolate pudding dessert. “Their list of favorite foods will usually include some sensuous foods known to arouse passions, such as oysters and chocolate,” he says. “Scorpio would like a Cajun meal, served with music to evoke a jazzy, sexy time in New Orleans.”

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

Jupiter-ruled signs like Sagittarius adore dessert, according to Urban. “The other thing they just love are fats,” she says. “Cheese, anything fried — those are things Sags also enjoy.”

Celestially satisfying dishes: Robust Thanksgiving-themed foods, ranging from squash to turkey, are usually on this travel aficionado’s preferred list, according to Zerner, in addition to international cuisine. Mexican street corn, for instance, containing roasted jalapeño peppers, Cotija cheese, and lime, might resonate with Sagittarians.

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Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

Cooler weather can increase the desire for protein and foods that provide energy, according to Farber. Yet Capricorns, who have a passion for filling fare, such as beef, cauliflower, and bread, are generally game for lowkey, straightforward dinners after the holiday season indulgences end.

Celestially satisfying dishes: Since Capricorns, Urban says, are apt to be very busy, they prefer meal prep to be minimal. “They’re good at finding shortcuts and hacks,” she says. Capricorns might appreciate a heat-and-serve beef pot pieone-pot pasta recipe, or another item that can be prepared quickly using common pantry staples.

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

As an air sign, Aquarians prefer no-frills dining selections that require minimal cleanup but still provide a solid, quality meal, Urban says. “They don’t care about extra sauce, and all the dressing and dip,” she says.

Celestially satisfying dishes: Seasoned chicken can be a simple yet flavorful entrée choice for the sign, according to Urban. Aquarians might, for instance, enjoy a dinner involving Teriyaki-marinated boneless chicken breasts or chicken chili that’s made in a slow cooker.

Pisces (February 19–March 20)

Pisceans gravitate toward delicate, gentle foods, such as a low-fat soup. A number, though, also want their meal to include a notable sugar fix, according to Farber.

“Pisces needs sweet treats,” he says. “So end with poached pears in maple syrup — an easy, wholesome, winter dessert.”

pear spice cake recipe

Celestially satisfying dishes: A number of other ingredients can be used to poach pears, including saffron, bourbon whiskey, and red wine. A custard would also work as an after-dinner option, Urban says, because Pisceans are particularly fond of creamy, fluffy desserts.

“Sagittarius and Pisces really like the whipped cream, the cinnamon, the sweetness — all that stuff,” she says.


Erin Brereton is a Chicago-based freelance journalist who writes about dining and culinary trends, travel, and other topics.

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