It seems every day of the year is dedicated to celebrating something, or someone, different. Whether it’s a former president, a country’s independence, a birthday, an anniversary, or one of those days when you’re supposed to eat a specific food to show your appreciation for it (March 14June 4, and the third Sunday in July are just some of my many favorites) — they never end! Then there are those days when you’re thinking of a loved one and want to send them a gift, just because.

Whatever your reason for giving, let us help you pick out a gift basket they’ll love, no matter what day it is.

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Gourmet Charcuterie and Cheese Board Experience with Wine

Not since a left-handed guitarist from Seattle has there been an experience like this! This gift really does have it all: two bottles of wine (including an award-winning sauvignon blanc), four cheeses, and two meats, including one salami that’s from Red Bear Holy Cow! The name alone is a winner in my book. All that’s missing is a partridge in a pear tree, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s one tucked away in here somewhere.

best gift baskets classic gourmet gift basket

Classic Gourmet Gift Basket

Scrumptious gifts that you can indulge in is the gateway to titillating their taste buds. So why not give them a whole lot of sweet and salty and savory in one gift basket? Sure it comes with Italian cookies, and Ghiradelli hot cocoa mix, and toffee caramels. But, for me, what gets me to want this basket yesterday are those chocolate-covered graham crackers. The basket comes in two sizes — supreme and grand. Whichever one you choose, they’re both big on flavor.

Best gift baskets full of chocolate treats and snacks.

Chocolate Treats Gift Basket

This gift basket is what happens when Willy Wonka goes to Medford, Oregon, and creates a basket filled with the finest chocolates. No golden ticket needed to partake in seven different chocolate treats: two types of chocolate popcorn, mini mints, two kinds of truffles, malt balls, and chocolate-covered pretzels. These chocolates are so good, a Whangdoodle would eat 10 of these baskets for breakfast and come galloping back for a second helping.

Best gift basket full of Italian inspired savory food items and two bottles of wine.

Italian Inspirations Gift Basket

Sure, this one looks more like a crate, but semantics aside, what’s inside are ingredients to put together a sumptuous Italian meal, such as a delicious pasta puttanesca. Get your mangia started with bruschetta, olives, and salami. And what would Italian food be without wine? Blasphemy, that’s what. Luckily for you, the Italian Inspirations Gift Basket comes with a bottle of pinot gris and merlot.

Best gift basket full of three bags of soup mixes and a box of crackers sitting next to a bowl of soup.

Soup Gift Basket

For some reason, throughout history, the number three has always been a magic number. And soup, somehow, has magical healing powers, allegedly being able to cure the common cold. Maybe that’s why there are three soup mixes in this gift basket? Unleash the powers of chicken noodle, chicken chili, and potato corn chowder.

Best gift basket full of sweet and savory snacks surrounded by the same items on plates and platters.

Deluxe Everyday Sharing Gift Basket

Sharing is caring, so whoever sends this gift cares to the max! And with there being enough treats in here to feed a small army, the recipient may want to be just as generous and invite you over for some sweet 60-layer baklava, raspberry galettes, and chocolate decadence cake, or savory Thuringer sausage and sharp cheddar cheese.

Best gift basket full of fruit, cheese and other savory snacks.

Grand Signature Gift Basket

All of Harry & David’s greatest hits are in one place: juicy pears, artisanal cheese, pepper and onion relish, charcuterie, lots of salty snacks, and more.

best gift baskets breakfast entertainer wolfermans

Breakfast Entertainer Basket

Perhaps the best reason to want to wake up early in the morning, the Breakfast Entertainer Basket offers everything but the show tunes.

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