A sizzling ribeye surrounded by mashed potatoes and in-season vegetables.

A wild salmon fillet with extra crispy skin.

A beautiful bowl of spaghetti with a puttanesca sauce. 

These are all delicious dinner ideas. But every once in a while, you need to rewind the clock from p.m. to a.m. and make breakfast for dinner. I mean, just look at the word “breakfast” — it has the word “break” in it after all, which, in this case, means “I need a break from busting my hump figuring out what to make for dinner.”

Two of the magnificent perks to eating breakfast for dinner is that most recipes consist of pantry and refrigerator staples you most likely have on hand and are relatively quick to pull together.

Now, go set the table for your loved ones and get a kick out of ending your day with the meal that typically gets it started. What’s not to love about your new BFD — Breakfast for Dinner! Or as the kids call it nowadays, “brinner.”

Buttermilk Waffles

Buttermilk for the win! Grab an ordinary box of pancake mix and add the same amount of buttermilk instead of water to create fluffy, decadent, tangy waffles that stick to your ribs. Serve them with a dollop of smooth and creamy lemon curd, or, if you’re up for it, as a sidekick to crispy fried chicken — fluff ‘n’ crunch in one bite.

Breakfast for dinner with a plate of waffles topped with fruit.


They sound so “fahn-cy,” but crepes are one of the easiest meals to whip up — in a blender! Fill them with fresh fruit, such as strawberries, and add whipped cream. Or, for a savory spin, stuff crepes with slices of ham and cheese, a quick sauté of mushrooms, or a filling of scrambled eggs, sharp cheddar cheese, and chives. You don’t even need a crepe pan to make them! Simply use a large non-stick skillet or flat-top grill pan.

Breakfast for dinner with a plate of crêpes topped with strawberries.

Egg Strata

A strata is a savory egg and bread casserole with comforting brunch vibes. We love this recipe that uses cubed Wolferman’s Signature English Muffins, which lends a hearty texture. Mushrooms and bacon give this strata a salty, smoky, umami depth of flavor, but you can switch it up and add pork sausage, bell peppers, and cheddar cheese.

Breakfast for dinner with an egg strata in a small dish.

Bagels with the works

Soft and chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside, New York-style bagels afford lots of room to play with spreads and toppings. Kids may love a schmear of cream cheese, jam, or marmalade. Serve them with seasonal fruit and vegetables (like sliced cucumbers, onions, or tomatoes). Lox and tinned fish, such as tuna or wild sardines, are protein-rich bagel toppers that are filling and don’t require an oven!

Spread of bagels, cream cheese, and other toppings.

Aussie inspiration

Take a cue from the Land Down Under, where “brekkies” revolve around fresh produce and whole grains. Create a grain bowl with farro and pickled veggies, and top it with a poached egg. For a lighter, late-night breakfast, add fresh fruit and nuts to the dinner grain bowl, and top it with a swirl of yogurt. Or creamy avocado toast, a global phenomenon that started at a café in Sydney in the 1990s.

Breakfast for dinner with avocado toast on a plate.


A frittata is a crustless quiche or open-faced omelet that starts with an egg and milk base. Customize it with whatever herbs, veggies, cheese, or meat you have, or be as intentional and fancy as you wish. Add cherry tomatoes, spinach, and feta cheese for a Greek-inspired frittata. For a French-inspired twist, add Gruyère, herbs de Provence, and onions. Or try this recipe for creamy snap peas and bacon. It’s your new satisfying supper.

Breakfast for dinner with a vegetable frittata.

Marionberry Swirl Pancakes

Elevating pancakes with tasty pantry and refrigerator mix-ins makes them a dinner-worthy specialty. Swirl tart and sweet seedless marionberry preserves or other favorite jams into a boxed mix. Or create your combinations by adding spices, nut butter, and even shredded veggies, such as carrots. For carrot cake-inspired pancakes, add three-fourths cup of shredded carrots, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, a quarter teaspoon of nutmeg, and a quarter cup of raisins for each cup of pancake mix.

Breakfast for dinner with a plate of marionberry pancakes next to a jar of preserves.

Pizza Muffins

Thick, air pocket-filled Wolferman’s English Muffins set the scene for a breakfast muffin-inspired pizza night, with no dough required. Get the kids involved to create their one-of-a-kind mini pizzas. To keep the muffins from getting soggy, toast them before adding sauce, such as marinara, pesto, or even BBQ. Pick a cheese, such as mozzarella or cheddar, followed by a protein topper, such as pepperoni, sausage, or bits of chicken. And, of course, cheesy scrambled eggs are great, too.

Breakfast for dinner with English muffins topped with eggs.

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Theresa Gambacorta is a freelance food writer, a veteran of New York City restaurants, and cookbook co-author to chef Joey Campanaro's Big Love Cooking (Chronicle) and James Beard-nominated chef Nasim Alikhani's Sofreh: A Contemporary Approach to Classic Persian Cuisine (Knopf). She is currently working on a forthcoming vegan cookbook to be published by Simon Element.

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